2019 Year in Review and Award Eligibility

In 2019, Escape Pod published 18 original science fiction stories and 30 reprint stories. If you are nominating and/or voting for these awards, please consider our original publications for the Short Story category of the Hugo and Nebula Awards, among others. The full list is below!

Escape Pod is eligible for the Best Semiprozine Hugo Award. 2019 staff include Co-Editors Mur Lafferty and S.B. Divya, Assistant Editor Benjamin C. Kinney, and Audio Producers Adam Pracht and Summer Brooks.

Mur Lafferty and S.B. Divya are also eligible for the Best Editor (Short Form) Hugo Award. (Please nominate both on same ballot.)

A list of current Escape Pod staff is available here, including our Guest Hosts, Tina Connolly and Alasdair Stuart. We are very proud of our crew and the work we’ve done, and we thank you for joining us in this orbit around the sun.

— Mur Lafferty & S.B. Divya

Original Short Stories

Another Day in the Desert by Mame Bougouma Diene
The Day Girl by Rivqa Rafael
This Wine-Dark Feeling That Isn’t The Blues by José Pablo Iriarte

ARTEMIS RISING: Octonet by Keyan Bowes
ARTEMIS RISING: She Knits the Universe a Pink Angora Sweater by Bo Balder
Ulissa by Craig DeLancey
That She Might Fly by Mary Anne Mohanraj
Flash Crash by Louis Evans
Four of Seven by Samantha Mills
Spectrum of Acceptance by Nyla Bright
Hunting the Mighty Space Whale by Miranda Ciccone
The Homunculi’s Guide to Resurrecting Your Loved One From Their Electronic Ghosts by Kara Lee
The Last Stellar Death Metal Opera by Elly Bangs
Inheritance by Elise Stephens
Failsafe by Tim Chawaga
Into the Paddock by Nathan Susnik
Requiem Without Sound by Izzy Wasserstein
Carols on Callisto by Deborah L. Davitt

Reprint Short Stories (first published in 2018 or earlier)

A Fine Night for Tea and Bludgeoning by Beth Cato
Some Remarks on the Reproductive Strategy of the Common Octopus by Bogi Takács
The Best We Can by Carrie Vaughn
The Harmonic Resonance of Ejiro Anaborhi by Wole Talabi
ARTEMIS RISING: The Scent of Lions by Tara Campbell
ARTEMIS RISING: Optimizing the Verified Good by Effie Seiberg
And Yet by A.T. Greenblatt
Man of Straw by Russell Nichols
Blonde by Priya Sharma
An Ever-Expanding Flash of Light by Timothy Mudie
A Barrow for the Living by Alison Wilgus
Origami Angels by Derek Lubangakene
A Vocabulary of Remorse by Dantzel Cherry
A Most Elegant Solution by M. Darusha Wehm
Lab B-15 by Nick Wolven
The Great Scientist Rivalry on Planet Sourdough by Beth Goder
Points of Origin by Marissa Lingen
Martian Chronicles by Cory Doctorow
Light and Death on the Indian Battle Station by Keyan Bowes
Rule of Three by Lawrence M. Schoen
In A Wide Sky, Hidden by William Ledbetter
When Robot and Crow Saved East St. Louis by Annalee Newitz

Flashback Fridays – Hosted by Alasdair Stuart

The Man Who Lost the Sea by Theodore Sturgeon
Craphound by Cory Doctorow
Valedictorian by N.K. Jemisin; Guest Host Marguerite Kenner
Sinner, Baker, Fabulist, Priest by Eugie Foster; Guest Hosts Matthew Foster & Alex Hofelich
Real Artists by Ken Liu
The Things by Peter Watts
This Is As I Wish To Be Restored by Christie Yant
A Stretch of Highway Two Lanes Wide by Sarah Pinsker