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CO-EDITOR: S.B. Divya (any pronouns)

Divya is a lover of science, math, fiction, and the Oxford comma. She enjoys subverting expectations and breaking stereotypes whenever she can. Her novella ‘Runtime,’ was a Nebula Award finalist, and her short stories have been published at various magazines including Analog, Uncanny, and tor.com. Her collection, Contingency Plans For the Apocalypse and Other Situations, is out now from Hachette India, and her debut novel MACHINEHOOD is forthcoming from Saga Press in March, 2021.

She holds degrees in Computational Neuroscience and Signal Processing, and she worked for twenty years as an electrical engineer before becoming an author. You can find out more at www.eff-words.com or on Twitter @divyastweets.

CO-EDITOR: Mur Lafferty (she/her)

 Mur Lafferty is an author and pioneer podcaster who has been involved with Escape Artists since nearly the beginning (after Serah Eley Fed-Ex’d brownies to her as a bribe to spread the word about this new podcast magazine format). She was one of the founding editors of Pseudopod, editor of Escape Pod for a time, and then founder and editor of Mothership Zeta, the quarterly ezine for Escape Artists.

She is currently the co-host (with Matt Wallace) of Ditch Diggers, a Hugo Award winner for Best Fancast, and the author of the science fiction murder mystery Six Wakes, out from Orbit.

ASSISTANT EDITOR: Benjamin C. Kinney (he/him)

Benjamin C. Kinney is an itinerant neuroscientist with a frozen New England heart, though nowadays he lives in St. Louis with three cats and his Martian wife. He no longer creates cyborg monkeys, after too many nights delivering them Prozac. His short stories have appeared in Strange Horizons, Diabolical Plots, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and more. You can find him online at benjaminckinney.com or follow him on twitter @BenCKinney.

He swears this is all true, even the monkeys and the Martians.

HOST: Tina Connolly (she/her)

Tina Connolly’s books include the Ironskin and Seriously Wicked series, and the collection On the Eyeball Floor. She has been a finalist for the Hugo, Nebula, and World Fantasy awards. She co-hosts Escape Pod, runs the Toasted Cake podcast, and is at tinaconnolly.com.


HOST: Alasdair Stuart

Alasdair Stuart is a professional enthusiast, pop culture analyst, and writer. He is a Hugo Finalist for Best Fan Writer, and a British Fantasy Society Best Non-fiction finalist for his weekly pop culture newsletter The Full Lid.

His nonfiction can be found at numerous genre and pop culture venues, including regular columns at the Hugo Award-winning Ditch Diggers and Fox Spirit Books. His game writing includes ENie-nominated work on the Doctor Who RPG and After The War from Genesis of Legend.

He co-owns the Escape Artists Podcast Network and hosts their horror podcast, PseudoPodalong with the Hugo Award nominated science fiction podcast, Escape Pod. He is a frequent guest and presenter on podcasts, with voice acting credits including the 2019 AudioVerse Award-winning The Magnus Archives.

His second collection of expanded essays from PseudoPod, The PseudoPod Tapes Volume 2: Approach with Caution, is available from Fox Spirit Books.

A frequent awards judge including the Arthur C. Clarke, The Kitschies, Brave New Words and the BFS, he blogs at www.alasdairstuart.com and is on Twitter @AlasdairStuart.


Adam Pracht lives in Kansas, but asks that you not hold that against him. He was the 2002 college recipient of the Robert F. Kennedy award for writing about the disadvantaged and has published a disappointingly slim volume of short stories called “Frame Story: Seven Stories of Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Horror & Humor” which is available from Amazon as an e-Book or in paperback.

He’s been working on his second volume – “Schrödinger’s Zombie: Seven Weird and Wonderful Tales of the Undead” – since 2012 and successfully finished the first story. He hopes to complete it before he’s cremated and takes up permanent residence in an urn.


Summer BrooksSummer Brooks is a story addict who watches way too much television. She enjoys putting her encyclopedic knowledge to the test during discussions and interviews about scifi, horror and comics, and does so as the longtime host and producer of Slice of SciFi, and as co-host of The Babylon Podcast.

Summer also does voiceovers & narrations for Tales to Terrify, StarShipSofa and Escape Pod, among others, and is an avid reader and writer of science fiction, fantasy and thrillers, with a handful of publishing credits to her name. Next on her agenda is writing an urban fantasy tale, and a monster movie creature feature or two.

ASSOCIATE EDITOR: Sandy Parsons (she/her)

Sandy writes literary, philosophical, humorous, and speculative fiction. She has degrees in physics, math, molecular biophysics, and medical science, but only ponders the mathematical nature of reality for fun these days. Also for fun, she plays video games, hikes and watches Rick and Morty with her family.

When not writing, Sandy works as anesthetist in Georgia and cares for three geriatric cats. Her website is sandyparsons.com.

ASSOCIATE EDITOR: Darusha Wehm (they/them)

M. Darusha Wehm is the Nebula Award-nominated and Sir Julius Vogel Award winning author of the interactive fiction game The Martian Job, as well as twelve novels, several poems, and many short stories. Originally from Canada, Darusha lives in Wellington, New Zealand after spending several years sailing the Pacific. They tweet @darusha and their website is darusha.ca.


Premee Mohamed is an Indo-Caribbean scientist and spec fic writer based in Canada. Her debut novel, ‘Beneath the Rising,’ is out now from Solaris Books and her short fiction has appeared in a variety of venues. She can be found on Twitter at @premeesaurus.


ASSOCIATE EDITOR: Kevin Wabaunsee (he/him)

Kevin Wabaunsee is speculative fiction writer and a former newspaper reporter on the health and medical beat. He is currently an editor and communications director at a university medical school. He is a Prairie Band Potawatomi.


ASSOCIATE EDITOR: Phoebe Barton (she/her)

Phoebe BartonPhoebe Barton is a queer trans science fiction writer. Her short fiction has appeared in venues such as Analog, On Spec, and multiple anthologies. When not writing she focuses on her obsession with rail-based public transportation, occasional reviews of forgotten short speculative fiction works, and thriving in an indifferent cosmos. She lives with a robot in the sky above Toronto and can be found at www.phoebebartonsf.com or on Twitter at @aphoebebarton.

ASSOCIATE EDITOR: J. M. Coster (she/her)

J.M. Coster (Jen) is an erstwhile MD turned speculative fiction writer currently living in St. Louis, MO with her robomancer husband and recalcitrant cat. She co-produces the game dev comedy podcast Coffee with Butterscotch and co-hosts the medicine in movies podcast Docs Watch. She likes creepy fairy tales, experimenting with pastries, and thinks ghost stories and food stories are not so dissimilar. You can find her on Twitter at @jcalyst or on her blog subtext.jmcoster.com

ASSOCIATE EDITOR: Shiv Ramdas (he/him)

Shiv Ramdas is an Indian reader and writer of speculative fiction. He has written short stories, radio scripts and plays, advertisements, and numerous resignation letters. His short fiction has (or will shortly) appear in Fireside, Podcastle, Strange Horizons and other venues. He currently lives in Seattle with a spouse, 3 cats and a very demanding tree.

ASSOCIATE EDITOR: Karlo Yeager Rodriguez (he/him)

Karlo Yeager Rodriguez

Karlo Yeager Rodriguez is originally from the enchanting island of Puerto Rico, but moved to Baltimore some years back. His stories have appeared in Nature Futures, Galaxy’s Edge and several other venues. He lives happily among the rolling hills of rural Maryland with his partner and one very odd dog. To read Karlo’s sporadic posts, go to alineofink.com


Jay Bhat is a speculative fiction writer who lives in a quiet, green town with her spouse (who is often forced to read her first drafts. He is learning to say no.) She would love to have a feline familiar if she wasn’t so terribly allergic to them. Meanwhile, she is rooting for small dragons in spaceships. Someday.

She can be found on Twitter @crouchingmoon

ASSOCIATE EDITOR: Justin C. Key (he/him)

Justin C. Key is a speculative fiction writer and psychiatrist. His short stories have appeared in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science FictionStrange Horizons, and Crossed Genres. He is currently working on a near-future novel inspired by his medical training. When Justin isn’t writing, working in the hospital, or exploring Los Angeles with his wife, he’s chasing after his two young (and energetic!) sons. You can follow his journey at justinckey.com and @JustinKey_MD on Twitter.

ASSOCIATE EDITOR: L. P. Kindred (He/Him/His Gay: Gurl, Empress (honorific))

LP Kindred is a Chicagoan-Angeleno who writes SpecFic from the intersections of Black and Gay. When not avoiding novel drafting or short story revision or reading fiction or planning a series, he’s trying to sleep or asking “at what temperature would you like your steak?” His fiction is featured or forthcoming in Fiyah Literary Magzine and Speculative City; is/will be an alum of Hurston-Wright, VONA, and Clarion. #GhostClass

ASSOCIATE EDITOR: Langley Hyde (she/her)

Langley Hyde’s short stories have appeared in If This Goes On, Unidentified Funny Objects (vol. 6 &7), Podcastle, Terraform, and more. Her debut novel, Highfell Grimoires, was named a Best Book of 2014 in SF/Fantasy/Horror by Publishers Weekly. Currently, Langley Hyde lives in the Pacific Northwest along with her partners and her two children.


ASSOCIATE EDITOR: Matthew Olivas (he/him)

Matthew Olivas is a Hispanic Science Fiction and Fantasy writer and member of the 2021 Clarion class who watches movies more than he reads books, but don’t worry he’s working on it. While currently only published in small literary magazines, he currently devotes his free time into completing his first novel. Matt loves horror, creatures, monsters and anything Other. And probably spends too much time on Twitter talking about Transformers. #GhostClass

ASSOCIATE EDITOR: Marcus Tsong (he/him)

Marcus Tsong is a longtime Dungeon Master and faithful servant of the Fantasy and Horror Genre Gods. He has lived in Seattle, Boise, San Francisco, Madison, Portland OR, Shanghai, Brooklyn, and is aware this sounds like a Huey Lewis song. Currently he is working on a doorstop sized fantasy novel, and a collection of weird fiction.
He also moderates a novel writing workshop for the Brooklyn Speculative Fiction Writers Meetup group, and his story “Knowing You, Knowing Me” is available in Season One of BSFW’s podcast, the Kaleidocast.


EDITOR: Serah Eley (2005-2010)
EDITOR: Jeremiah Tolbert (2009-2010)
EDITOR: Norm Sherman (2013-2017)



COMMUNITY MANAGERS: Eytan Zweig (eytanz), Marshal Latham (Swamp)


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