Escape Pod 232: Flash Special

Show Notes

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Cybrosis — A podcast novel by P.C. Haring

This week Escape Pod presents three flash stories:


By Marissa Lingen
Read by Electra Allenton


By Kyle Deas
Read by Stephen Eley

My Grandfather’s River

By Brenda Cooper
Read by Anna Eley

About the Authors

Brenda Cooper

Brenda Cooper is the author of nine science fiction and fantasy books. Her most recent novels are Keepers (Pyr, 2018) and Wilders (Pyr, 2017).   Her other works include POST (eSpec Books, 2016). Spear of Light (Pyr, 2016), Edge of Dark (Pyr, 2015), The Creative Fire (Pyr, 2012), and The Diamond Deep (Pyr, 2013) as well as the Silver Ship and the Sea series (available in audio today, and currently being re-released via Wordfire Press) and Building Harlequin’s Moon, with Larry Niven (Tor, 2005).

Her recent short fiction includes “Along the Northern Border” (Man and Machine, 2016) “The Hand on the Cradle” (Humanity 2.0, 2016), “Iron Pegasus,” (Mission Tomorrow, 2015), “Biology at the End of the World” (Asimov’s, August 2015), and “Elephant Angels” (Heiroglyph, 2014).

Brenda blogs frequently on environmental and futurist topics, and her non-fiction has appeared in Slate and Crosscut.

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Kyle Deas

Kyle Deas is a person who exists.

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Marissa Lingen

Marissa Lingen is a freelance writer who lives in Minnesota with two large men and one small dog. This is true but not perhaps optimally illuminating.

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About the Narrators

Anna Eley

Anna Eley was the wife of Escape Pod founder, Serah Eley, and a popular recurring narrator.

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Electra Allenton

Electra Allenton is a person who exists.

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Serah Eley

Serah Eley

Serah Eley is the original producer, editor and host of Escape Pod. She mispronounced her name as Steve Eley at the time, but has since realized that life is much more fun as a woman, and came out as transgender in 2015. Serah lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her two spouses (she prefers “spice”), Sadi and Cat.

So if there were ever any betting pools on what happened to Steve: the dark-horse winner is “changed sex and joined a committed lesbian love triangle.” She is, obviously, still Having Fun.

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Serah Eley