EP Flash: Paul Bunyan and the Photocopier

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Rated G. Objects in story may be larger than they appear.

Paul Bunyan and the Photocopier

by Larry Hammer

Well, the time came Paul Bunyan had a pretty successful thing going with his lumber business. Fact is, the first year his company went public, the stock price doubled, and it went up fifty percent each of the three years after that. Mind you, this made Paul a target for corporate raiders. Why, the battle he had with Bluebeard is a yarn and a half–but that’s another tale. This is the story of what happened when Paul Bunyan’s secretary went on vacation.

About the Author

Larry Hammer

Larry Hammer is a person who exists.

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About the Narrator

Michael R. Mennenga

Michael R. Mennenga was a co-creator and host of the show, its Engineering Chief at the DracoVista Studios in Arizona and a published author of fantasy novels who began writing in the late 1980s. In 1996 he turned his attention to writing for the Internet. In 1998 he joined a developing writing community and was soon asked to become part of the staff. He has received recognition from Writer’s Digest and Forbes Publishing for his first book, Zac and the Valley of the Dragons. His next book, Mistress of the Dragon, was released in 2001. Mennenga followed that in 2002 with The Valley of the Dragons: Dragon’s Fire and Wizard’s Flame, which was re-released as Dragon’s Fire, Wizard’s Flame in 2003.

He is a member of The Arizona Authors Association and Toastmasters International.

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