15th Anniversary Celebration

Escape Pod: The Science Fiction Anthology

Escape Artists and Titan Books are delighted to announce the publication of Escape Pod: The Science Fiction Anthology to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the hit podcast of the same name.

Escape Pod has been bringing the finest short fiction to millions all over the world, at the forefront of a new fiction revolution. Launched in 2005 by Serah Eley, Escape Pod is the world’s oldest audio fiction podcast and was a Hugo Award finalist in 2017. Specializing in science fiction, the podcast gives its audience a different story each week that’s fun and engaging, with thought-provoking afterwords from its episode hosts.

Editors Mur Lafferty and S.B. Divya have produced the science fiction collection of the year, bringing together bestselling authors in celebration of the publishing phenomenon that is Escape Pod.

The anthology features the following stories (plus their Escape Pod episodes! Many will be featured through 2021 and 2022)

9781789095012 | October 20, 2020 (UK) November 24, 2020 (US) | Paperback | £8.99/$14.95 | 368pp


“The thing that impresses me most about this collection is the level of insight the reader is given into the human condition.” – The Eloquent Page

“Flipping the narrative and not doing the expected is a key theme.” – New Scientist ($)

“Not only is it a book that shows the beauty and versatility of the science fiction genre, but it’s one that will leave you wanting to read more, as well as checking out the podcast that brought this book together.” – Set the Tape

“The 15 pieces in this diverse, enjoyable anthology showcase the wide variety of ideas the short science fiction story can accommodate.” – Publishers Weekly

“The cleverest thing that Lafferty and Divya have done with this collection of work is produce something that will appeal to many people.” – SF Book Reviews






Wreck Runner!

Six to Start and Escape Artists are excited to announce Wreck Runner, an epic three-part virtual race set in outer space. You join Solfleet’s elite Wreck Runner team, deployed to rescue stricken spaceships. But when ships come apart, that’s when you step up. Wreck Runners, aided by their highly adaptable AI drone swarms, are crisis specialists, trained in rescue, first aid, engineering and salvage. When the best are out of their depth, they call the Wreck Runners.

Aided by the fast-talking Eats and Captain Duffy, you barely have time to get your feet under you before the first call arrives. Training missions will take you from the edge of the atmosphere to an accident in the Jovian moons where nothing is as it seems, sending you hurtling into the biggest operation in SolFleet history. One that will reveal the darkest secret of the organization and change the Wreck Runners, and humanity, forever.

Written by science fiction veterans Mur Lafferty and Alasdair StuartWreck Runner is available as a free “New Adventure” in the Zombies, Run! app.

Special offers will be available for EA supporters — don’t miss out, become a Patron today!