How To Subscribe

There are two ways to listen to Escape Pod. One is just to follow our site here, and click on the links with the little “Download” graphic in each post. We’re perfectly happy with that.

If you want to make sure you don’t miss a single episode, however, we recommend subscribing to our feed. If you have the latest version of iTunes on your computer, or a Podcast Ready MP3 player, you’ve already got all the software you need.

Our feeds:

  • Escape Pod Feed– This is the feed where you will get ALL our audio and epubs. You won’t miss a thing if you subscribe here!
  • The For-Kids Feed– currently this includes nearly all G-rated stories especially geared (or at least safe) for our younger listeners.
  • The Family-Friendly Feed– This will have all G and PG stories for people who don’t want to get into the harder language or sex that may make a story R. The kids may not be interested, but you can probably listen around them with minimal worry.
  • The Best-Of Feed– New to Escape Pod? Check this feed out if our archives are daunting. We’re going through and cherry-picking your favorite stories and putting them in a feed.

Still not enough? You can make your own special Escape Pod feed by subscribing to where you replace XXXX with the category you want to subscribe to. Categories are listed on the front page in a drop-down box on the right. Have at it!

Lucky for you, our main feed is listed in all the major directories, so you won’t need to do a lot of cutting-and-pasting no matter which client you’re using. How you get us depends on which software you’re using:

Podcast Ready:

Some MP3 players already come with the Podcast Ready software built in. If yours is one of them, you’ve already got what you need. Otherwise:

  1. Download the myPodder client and paste them onto your MP3 player as instructed.
  2. Open the program and follow the prompts to set up a Podcast Ready account.
  3. Add to your subscribed feeds.

That’s it! You’ll start downloading Escape Pod the next time you open MyPodder on your MP3 player.

Apple iTunes:

Apple’s music management program is one of the most popular ways people hear Escape Pod. It’s also a link to the iPod.

  1. Download iTunes if you don’t already have it.
  2. Click here:
  3. You’re done!


Version 2.2 of Juice (formerly known as iPodder Lemon) features one-click subscription. Click on the button below, and if you have iPodder installed on your machine, you should be subscribed automagically:
One-Click Subscription

If that doesn’t work, you can simply go to the “Podcast directory” tab and paste in the following text:

Easy, isn’t it?