Escape Pod is CLOSED to Narrator Auditions at this time. 

We pay $30 per story for a single reader. Rates vary for two-narrator readings, full cast readings, and longer works, and will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Technical Specs

We strongly prefer an uncompressed mono WAV or AIFF format for our files. If necessary, you may use the MP3 format, however, please do not encode at anything less than 256 kbps.

A sample rate of 44.1 kHz is best since it’s what we publish at, but we insist on at least 22 kHz. Stereo or mono doesn’t matter, although in the case of WAV and AIFF, using mono halves the file size.


Please edit the file yourself if you have time. It’s easier for you to do it because you have a much better idea of where your mistakes are. If you don’t have time, send us the raw recording to edit, but PLEASE send us a note ( to let us know it’s not. That way we can schedule the time to do it. We reserve the right, in such cases, not to use the recording at all.

Reading Tips

Make sure your reading starts with the title, author, and narrator. We prefer a clean, ‘audiobook’ style of reading but with some energy and personality to it. Pacing is important, too.  In particular, don’t read too fast — that’s hard on the listener.

Do not put in special effects or sound effects unless you have cleared it with the Editors or Audio Producer.

Read the story through silently with a mind to how it should sound.  If you are unsure of how to pronounce anything, especially names, please ask us! We will be glad to consult the author for any help you might like.

A silent read-through immediately before you record can also help produce a smoother result with less editing required.

How you handle mistakes is up to you.  You will make them; it’s almost impossible not to.  One way to handle it is just to keep recording, mark the error with a sharp noise, and start that sentence or paragraph over again. Then it’s easier to find the marked points visually later on and fix them.  As stated above, we do ask that you edit your own recording before sending it to us.  We will review it as well, and let you know if we need any retakes.

Most of all, be yourself. Don’t worry so much about getting it perfect that the reading comes out dry. We’d rather have an imperfect reading with some energy than a polished and lifeless one.

If at any time, during or after your recording, you have any questions or issues, we encourage you to e-mail us.