Escape Pod 440: Canterbury Hollow

Canterbury Hollow

by Chris Lawson

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About the Author

Chris Lawson

Chris Lawson is a doctor and writer living in Australia. His short fiction has been published in Asimov’s Science Fiction, Event Horizon, Dreaming Down-Under, Gathering the BonesAgog! and Eidolon, as well as several Year’s Best anthologies and Under Centaurus, a historical retrospective of Australian science fiction. His work has been translated into French, Czech, and Bulgarian, and optioned for feature film development.

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About the Narrator

Bill Bowman

Bill Bowman started voice acting on the Metamor City Podcast, and has wanted to do more ever since. He spends his days working at a library, where he is in charge of all things with plugs and troubleshooting the people who use them. He spends his nights with his wife, two active children, and two overly active canines and all that goes with that.

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