Submission Guidelines Changes

Not so much changes as clarifications. Also, I added a too long, didn’t read version. Highlights are below:

TL:DR Version

  • We like good science fiction, preferably “fun” and humorous.
  • We buy reprints and new fiction.
  • We pay $.03 a word for reprints, and $.05 a word for original fiction. We are a nonexclusive audio and ebook market.
  • We are a SFWA-recognized pro publication, meaning new sales with us count toward membership to the Science Fiction Writers of America.
  • We do not accept: poetry, novellas, scripts, or serial fiction. And if you happen to hear any of these on Escape Pod, they were solicited from the author and not submitted.
  • We do not accept attachments. Please paste plain text into your email with NO line breaks.
  • We distribute under a Creative Commons license. This is non-negotiable.