Escape Pod 253: Eugene

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Show Notes:

  • Feedback for Episode 245, The Moment

Next week… Talent agencies and regret


By Jacob Sager Weinstein

As he puts the cruiser in gear and takes off, I calm down a little bit, and smell something that worries me. I smell Apurna on him, like always, but she doesn’t smell right. She smells of nervousness bordering on fear, and come to think of it, he does, too. It’s an old smell–I’d say from late yesterday evening, just after work–but it’s unmistakable. And there’s a hospital smell, and the smell of Apurna’s pain.

I shouldn’t say anything. Francisco doesn’t like me to pry.

But he took Apurna to the hospital.

But he doesn’t like me to pry.

But he took Apurna to the hospital.

But he doesn’t like me to pry.


“What’s wrong with Apurna?” I say.

About the Author

Jacob Sager Weinstein

Jacob Sager Weinstein (born January 8, 1972) is an American author, humorist, comedy writer, and screenwriter. For three years he was a staff writer for Dennis Miller Live, for which he received a Writers Guild of America award in 2001. Earlier he was a contributor to The Onion, and he has also written for McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, the North American Review, and The New Republic.

Sager Weinstein co-wrote with Matthew David Brozik three humor books: in 2005 The Government Manual for New Superheroes; The Government Manual for New Wizards in 2006; and The Government Manual for New Pirates in 2007.

Sager Weinstein is the author of the Hyacinth Series, a middle-grade fantasy trilogy about enchanted rivers under London.

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About the Narrator

Tim Crist

Tim Crist, otherwise known as the comedy musician ShoEboX of Worm Quartet. You can hear his wonderful weirdness at

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