Escape Pod 203: The Legend of St. Ignatz

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Closing song, Jesus Clones

The Legend of St. Ignatz

By Samantha Henderson

“You’re a disgrace to your calling and your species.” The Cardinal’s words were at odds with the verging-on-seductive voice of the translator embedded in the Anturean’s Chlor-tank. From beneath lowered lashes Ignatz O’Reilly, D.D. Inter-Species, watched his superior’s mouth-tendrils vibrate, a gesture he knew denoted extreme lust or mounting rage.

Lust was out of the question, he supposed.

“Falling-down drunk at Mass. Passing out in Confession. And don’t think your little black-market dealings go unnoticed.” The Cardinal’s posterior spines flushed blue. Ignatz averted his eyes even further, studying the faint brown lines crisscrossing each other on a slate floor the color of dried blood. The mutant squid bastard really was mad this time.

“If I might be permitted to explain, Your Eminence…” Ignatz’s tongue tasted like last night’s liquor. “I indulge for purely medicinal reasons…a slight asthmatic condition…any allegations that I would engage in illegal…”

About the Author

Samantha Henderson

Samantha Henderson

Samantha Henderson’s short fiction and poetry have been published in Strange Horizons, Clarkesworld, Interzone, Weird Tales, Goblin Fruit, and Mythic Delirium and in the anthologies Tomorrow’s Cthulu, Running with the Pack, and Zombies: Shambling through the Ages. Her work has been reprinted in the Nebula Awards Showcase, Aliens: Recent Encounters, Steampunk Reloaded, and The Mammoth Book of Steampunk. Her stories have been podcast at Podcastle, Escape Pod, Drabblecast and Strange Horizons, and she’s the author of the Forgotten Realms novels Heaven’s Bones and Dawnbringer.

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