EP171: Fenneman’s Mouth

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Rated R. Contains profanity, and real and simulated persons behaving badly.

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Fenneman’s Mouth

By Andy Duncan


The studio audience laughed loudly, as it always did when Groucho
turned, in mock desperation or annoyance, to his long-suffering,
hopelessly square announcer. Groucho’s voice slightly increased in
pitch whenever he said Fenneman’s name, as if he were just at the edge
of losing his celebrated cool. This half-squawk had been funny in the
stateroom scene of A Night at the Opera (“Steward! Steward!”), and
it was still funny on You Bet Your Life twenty-five years later. He
was a pro, Groucho was, and I did right by him; I modulated that pitch

About the Author

Andy Duncan

Andy Duncan is a person who exists.

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About the Narrator

Jared Axelrod

Jared Axelrod

Jared Axelrod is an award-winning author, illustrator, podcaster and LGBTQIA advocate. Her graphic novel, “The Battle Of Blood & Ink,” illustrated by Steve Walker and published by Tor, garnered her a Philly Geek Award for Best Comic Creator. A podcasting pioneer, Axelrod’s long-running audio drama “The Voice of Free Planet X,” won a Parsec Award for Best Speculative Short Story, for the episode “Oddfellows Local, about a group of queer self-styled superheroes who save the world.  An accomplished public speaker, Axelrod has given lectures for universities and libraries about the importance of LGBTQIA representation in literature and comics. She is currently writing and drawing the critically-acclaimed webcomic “Frankenstein’s Support Group For Misunderstood Monsters” for Quirk Books.

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Jared Axelrod