Escape Pod 164: The Right Kind of Town

Show Notes

Rated R. Contains sex, violence, profanity, the quick, and the dead.

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The Right Kind of Town

By Christian Klaver

In the civilized places closer to Hegemony space, you don’t see many bodies in the street in the first place. When you do, they’re always swarmed with sheriffs, marshals, constables, morticians and the like. Then the body gets moved fast, so as to not ruffle the civilized folk. The rest happens behind closed doors.

Some towns don’t ever get bodies in the street. The only deaths are from sickness or accidents or old age. But I don’t tend to get to those towns so much, since they frown on my whoring profession. The towns I work in, everyone carries a gun. Being a pretty woman in
my line of work, I carry two.

About the Author

Christian Klaver

Christian Klaver has been writing for over twenty years, with a number of magazine publications, including Escape Pod, Dark Wisdom Anthology, and Anti-Matter. He’s the author of The Supernatural Case Files of Sherlock Holmes, Shadows Over London and the Nightwalker Series, but has written over a dozen novels in both fantasy and sci-fi, often with a Noir bent. He’s worked as book-seller, bartender and a martial-arts instructor before settling into a career in internet security.

He lives just outside the sprawling decay of Detroit, Michigan, with his wife, Kimberly, his daughter, Kathryn, and a group of animals he refers to as The Menagerie.

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About the Narrator

Cunning Minx

Cunning Minx is a poly and kinky sex-positive educator and activist who has been the producer and host of the Polyamory Weekly podcast since 2005, now with over 500 episodes in production. Minx founded the show as a resource for the poly and poly-curious to form a community, share experiences and help guide each other on their journeys of poly exploration. And hopefully, also to guide each other away from common relationship land mines–or at least share sympathy when they step on one!

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