Escape Pod 89: Bean There

Show Notes

Rated R. Contains sexual imagery and themes, and lots of caffeine.

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Bean There

By Jack Skillingstead

“You call it crazy,” Aimee said. “I call it Evolution.”

With a capital E. The famous newsclip seen around the world. The aliens arrived neither as an invading force nor as beneficent galactic pals. By their own description they were ‘Harbingers.’

Famous network interviewer: “Harbingers of what?”

Alien: “Evolution.”

About the Author

Jack Skillingstead

Jack Skillingstead is an American science fiction writer living in Seattle, Washington. In 2001 Skillingstead was named a winner in Stephen King’s “On Writing” contest. … In a review of Are You There and Other Stories, Tangent called Skillingstead “a major author in the genre of SF.”

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About the Narrator

Jim Van Verth

Jim Van Verth (of The Vintage Gamer) worked in the game industry for 14 years, concentrating on 3D graphics and simulation. Most of that time was at Red Storm Entertainment, with three years at Insomniac Games. He’s also worked at NVIDIA, focusing on OpenGL device drivers. Currently he is at Google, where he is doing GPU development for the Skia 2D graphics library.

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