Escape Pod 64: Head of State

Show Notes

Rated PG. Contains implications of violence, heavy politics, and split ends.

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Head of State

By Ed W. Marsh

“There’s a reason we don’t use nano to cut the President-Chairman’s hair. You know about the assassination attempt three years ago?”

Everyone did. “I thought he was fully recovered.”

“What’s left of him. Yes. All of that civilian nano would interfere with crucial signals sent and received by the nano in use by the MedTechs. Can’t risk it. That bomb was nasty. What I’m telling you is classified, obviously. We have no intention of presenting Arrington to the world as less than the man he deserves to be.”

About the Author

Ed W. Marsh

Ed W. Marsh is a person who exists.

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About the Narrator

Wichita Rutherford

Wichita Rutherford was an early Escape Pod narrator, and went on to become the “Mayor of Bluegrass.”

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