Escape Pod 20: The Burning Bush

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Rated X. For blasphemy and anatomy. Really.

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The Burning Bush

By Jennifer Pelland

I did the sensible thing. I screamed and ran to the bathroom, where I started tossing cups of water on my crotch in the hopes of extinguishing the flames. My boyfriend ran in behind me, started the shower up, and tossed me into the freezing water. But the fire continued to rage, despite the dousing.

At that point, I realized that I wasn’t actually in any pain. I stepped out of the stream of water, teeth still chattering, and held my hand in the blue flames. “This should hurt,” I said.

About the Author

Jennifer Pelland

Jennifer Pelland is an American writer of science fiction, principally short fiction. Pelland’s works have been characterized as “dark fiction with a thread of humanity running through it”, focusing on themes of body modification and destruction. Her short stories Captive Girl (2007) and Ghosts of New York (2010) were nominated for the Nebula Award for Best Short Story. Captive Girl was also shortlisted for the Gaylactic Spectrum Awards.

Pelland is married. She lives near Boston, practices belly dancing, and is a part-time voice-actor.

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About the Narrator

Deborah Green

Deborah Green was a frequent narrator for Escape Pod in its early days, and was a fan favorite, according to the forum.

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