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Escape Pod Flash Fiction Contest, Third Place: Karakuri

By Gideon Fostick.
Read by Dave Leckie.

Bill had no heart for this Karakuri, left behind in the empty house when his love had gone. Small and exquisite, propped at an angle on the tatami floor mat, it was the toughest puzzle he’d known. 

Rated PG. Contains puzzles.

EP Flash Fiction Contest Winner: Mission to Dover

by Gideon Fostick.
Read by Lyle Merithew. 

Escape Pod sends its congratulations to Gideon Fostick for winning first place in the Escape Pod flash fiction contest for stories under 300 words.

Professor Seiferd materialized in full command of his faculties. He oriented immediately on the white cliffs of Dover, towering over the English Channel. He felt the weight of his mission: he must answer the question that was vital to the Fatherland.

Rated G. Contains Nazis.

EP Flash: Nightshift in the Automart

By Andrew Gudgel.
Read by Jared Axelrod (of The Voice of Free Planet X).

The doors whooshed open and the Goddess Kali strode up to the counter. She stopped in front of him, grinning wickedly. Straight platinum-blonde hair spilled down over her shoulders and high bare breasts, contrasting with her inky black skin. Jeremy noticed a necklace of tiny, perfectly-formed ceramic skulls hung around her neck.

“Hi, Jeremy.”

“‘Lo, Suzy.”

The Goddess Kali’s eyes flashed red with anger. “Don’t call me that!” Behind her, a whole pantheon wandered the aisles, looking for late-night snacks.

Rated R. Contains partial nudity, some language, petty crime, and a few gods’ names taken in vain.

EP Flash: Printcrime

By Cory Doctorow.
Read by Karen Roman.

Da. What they did to him. When he was done, he looked like he’d been brawling with an entire rugby side. They brought him out the door and let the newsies get a good look at him as they tossed him in the car. All the while a spokesman told the world that my Da’s organized-crime bootlegging operation had been responsible for at least 20 million in contraband, and that my Da, the desperate villain, had resisted arrest.

Rated PG. Contains moderate violence and very slippery slopes.

EP Flash: Act of Devil

By Paul S. Jenkins. (of The Rev Up Review).
Read by Mur Lafferty (of Geek Fu Action Grip).

There was a group of them at college who were into Satanism. My mom,
Betty Bloxham as she was then, was one of them. It all sounds a bit
kinky, going into the woods at dead of night and dancing in the nude
under the full moon.

Anyway, they were all high on drugs at the time, so I doubt they knew
what they were doing.

Rated R. Contains sexual violence, Satanic summonings, and similar wholesome family bonding.

EP Flash: The Uncanny Valley

By Jared Axelrod. (365 Tomorrows, The Voice of Free Planet X)
Read by Stephen Eley.

“I’m sorry,” Purby said, reshuffling the papers on his desk. “What was the problem with her?”

“Her breathing. She breathes. She doesn’t stop.”

“Yes, and?”

“It’s unnerving.”

Rated G. (Anything that isn’t G-rated in this story is entirely the product of your imagination.)

EP Flash: Stuck In An Elevator With Mandy Patinkin

By Kitty Myers.
Read by Mur Lafferty (of Geek Fu Action Grip).

“Aren’t you Rube, the Grim Reaper in Dead Like Me?”

As he turned to look at me, an expression of amusement spread over his face like a wave of sunshine over a cloudy field. “I’m not a grim reaper in real life,” he mimicked, “but I do play one on TV!”

Rated PG. Contains references to drugs, claustrophobia, and canceled Showtime programming.

EP Flash: Paul Bunyan and the Photocopier

By Larry Hammer.
Read by Michael R. Mennenga (of The Dragon Page).

Well, the time came Paul Bunyan had a pretty successful thing going with his lumber business. Fact is, the first year his company went public, the stock price doubled, and it went up fifty percent each of the three years after that. Mind you, this made Paul a target for corporate raiders. Why, the battle he had with Bluebeard is a yarn and a half–but that’s another tale. _This_ is the story of what happened when Paul Bunyan’s secretary went on vacation.

Rated G. Objects in story may be larger than they appear.

EP Flash: Fools Seldom Differ

By Jeff Noyle.
Read by William Hopkins (of SF Sourcebook).

The thing about the Ice is, you can get really, really, really
bored. I spent a whole week here yesterday. So, you know that giant slanting
floe with the scoop-up at the end that I sent a picture of? Carls and I said
“oh cool, that would make a great ski-jump.” Only I was dumb enough actually
to try it. About two minutes ago.

Rated G. Kids, don’t try this at home.