EP460: The Ink Readers of Doi Saket

by Thomas Olde Heuvelt
read by Mat Weller

about the author/narrator…

Born in 1983, Thomas Olde Heuvelt is the much praised Dutch author of five novels and many stories of the fantastic. BBC Radio called Thomas “One of Europe’s foremost talents in fantastic literature.” Olde Heuvelt is a multiple winner of the Paul Harland Award for best Dutch Fantasy. His story “The Boy Who Cast No Shadow” received the Honorable Mention in the Science Fiction & Fantasy Translation Awards. His latest novel HEX is currently being translated into English.

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  1. Mail-order Monster says:

    Once again, this isn’t Sci-fi. It feels more like a fairytale or folklore.
    Not a horrible story, but not great either. Then again, I was kind of hoping to hear sci-fi.

    • Mat says:

      Every year we use August to feature Hugo Award nominee stories which are not obligated to be strictly sci-fi. It’s a feature we’ve run annually for most of the life of Escape Pod, and one that we don’t intend to change in the foreseeable future.

      We hope our listeners will be open minded enough to give these nominees a chance to be enjoyed. We will return to our normal programming schedule shortly.

  2. Marc Fabian Erdl says:

    Thanks, Mat.

    And I think, that genre-related openmindedness is the one thing that makes this podcast so great. Keep up the good work.

    SF is more than spaceships and virtual reality. It’s a way of telling a story, that goes far beyond the technological devices that are used to get the story going – “sense of wonder” etc. And in that regard this was by far the best story in the Hugo ballot. (including the novels, alas)