EP289: Flash Contest Honorable Mentions

This episode has three of the honorable mentions from the flash contest we held on our forums.
You can, perhaps unsurprisingly, discuss this episode on our forums.
Rated PG for some naughty language in Many Mistakes.

Episode 37 – Captain Max Stone versus DESTRUCTOBOT!
By Angela Lee
Read by: Joshua McNichols

When last we left our heroes, Captain Max Stone and his brother Billy had just navigated Hyperion’s perilous asteroid field and battled their way into the fortified base of the villainous robot Destructobot. The dastardly robot’s latest scheme is the deadliest yet – he intends to destroy the Earth using a high-powered negabomb! Will Max stop Destructobot in time? Or will the earth be vaporized?

Many Mistakes, All Out of Order
By M.C. Wagner
Read by: Wilson Fowlie

The first mistake was in our thinking they were ghosts. In our defense, the tradition of vanishing, translucent figures wailing in the night might’ve influenced us.

Mr. Omega
By Arnold Gardner
Read By: Marshall Latham

Mr. Omega checked the time on his trans-dimensional pocket watch and stared out the taxi’s rain pelted window. Four minutes to midnight. Four minutes to the culmination of his life’s work.