Customized Escape Pod!

You’ve asked, and we’ve answered! Through the miracle of The Internet and RSS, we bring you more customized feeds!

Please note- most of these stories are picked automatically (via categories on the site) and so it’s possible there may be a story in the For Kids feed, for example, that while not objectionable, may contain content that your kid won’t be interested in. There’s a difference between “for kids” and “family friendly.” Moving forward, the kid feed will contain only “for kids” stories.

  • The For-Kids Feed– currently this includes nearly all G-rated stories especially geared for our younger listeners.
  • The Family-Friendly Feed– This will have all G and PG stories for people who don’t want to get into the harder language or sex that may make a story R. The kids may not be interested, but you can probably listen around them with minimal worry.
  • The Best-Of Feed– New to Escape Pod? Check this feed out if our archives are daunting. We’re going through and cherry-picking your favorite stories and putting them in a feed. We’re starting this one slow, so it doesn’t have a whole lot in it.
  • (And if this is all too much detail for you, the catch-all, no-frills Escape Pod feed is still functioning nicely for our audio and epubs.)

Comments (3)

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  1. Mfmjos says:

    I need an escape pod audio only feed. I’m sure the epubs are great but they just clutter things up in my player while I’m in the car.


  2. gamercow says:

    I know that Steve did a ton for Escape Pod, and all the Escape Artists sites, but Mur really has been taking it to the next level. Brava.

  3. Mur says:

    @gamercow thanks!

    @mfmjos um, okay. Feel free to create the feed you need by subscribing to the proper category feed. For example http://escapepod.org/category/podcasts/family-friendly/feed is the family friendly. Replace “family-friendly” with whatever category you want, and there you go.