EP 205: Requiem in D-minor (for prions, whale and burning bush)

By Ian McHugh
Read by Frank Key of Hooting Yard

First appeared in Hub #24.

Kevin switched the audio over to the projector. The lecture hall was filled with outdoor noises. Wind hummed softly over the microphone, cattle lowed nearby, a truck accelerated in the distance.

A roan steer staggered around a concreted yard, its mute distress accompanied by clattering hooves and the fleshy slap of its thigh striking the ground when it fell. A new sound was introduced – incongruous, but familiar to Kevin’s audience.

Whale song.

Gradually, the cow’s shaking stilled, until it could stand securely. Its muscles continued to tremble, but not enough to upset its equilibrium while it listened.

Rated PG-13 for violence and mad cow disease.

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  1. Ken_K says:

    I liked the way this story drew me in.

  2. phignewton says:

    sooooooooo.. we should eat the whales? or not? i am confused on the message here.

  3. scatterbrain says:

    This story seemed incomplete, unfinished; it left me quite unfufilled really.

  4. Bruce Nielson says:

    I enjoyed the story. Spooky and atmospheric to say nothing of imaginitive. The story lost me on the ending and this reduced the enjoyment somewhat as I think highly of clarity of thought. Too vague.

  5. MasterThief says:

    Well… that was a downer ending.

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