EP192: Sumo21

By Daniel Braum.
Read by Stephen Eley.

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“Oh great Emperor,” the gyoji said, continuing the ritual. “These two
honorable warriors can not agree who will step aside, and who will
join the sacred battle to return you to us. We would gladly send all
our sons, but the Council of Infinite Japans says there may be only
twenty-one. So now they must fight to decide.”

“May the best warrior join the fight,” the crowd answered in unison
with the gyoji.

The gyoji stepped back. Asashoryu stared into Takanasuro’s
expressionless brown eyes. The match would begin upon a tacit
agreement between them. He kept Takanasuro’s mid section in his field
of vision while focusing on keeping his own face blank. He knew the
beginner’s lesson as if it were part of him; faces deceive and betray,
but all movement starts at the hips.

Rated PG. Contains death, betrayal, hauntings, and a challenging amount of Japanese.