Escape Pod Flash Fiction Contest, Honorable Mention: Hello, I Love You

By Katherine Sparrow.
Read by Rachel Swirsky.
All stories by Katherine Sparrow
All stories read by Rachel Swirsky

“Junk DNA? I’ll junk your DNA!” Sofia glared at Zorg.

“Apologies. It is only, don’t you find it interesting? Most of it is unused–“

“Junk? You supercilious aliens come to Earth to rein snottiness on us lowly humans? How sublime. I suppose your DNA is full of Porsches?”

Rated PG.

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  1. scatterbrain says:


  2. Sayeth says:

    In the sequel, Sofia realizes that the alien DNA had been miscopied by millennia of replication errors. It was supposed to make her HATE the universe and everything in it.

  3. Steve says:

    Flash comment: Blah.

  4. dirkson says:

    I second scatterbrain’s comment.


  5. Vance M. says:

    I kinda liked it. Short and cute. Maybe it was all the attitude in the human characters voice that gave me a little chuckle.