EP BONUS: PodCastle 001: Come Lady Death

PodCastle, our fantasy fiction podcast, has finally launched with its first episode. Rachel and company are presenting “Come Lady Death,” one of the earliest and strongest stories by legendary fantasy writer Peter S. Beagle.

You should go straight over to PodCastle.org and follow the subscription links — but just to let you know what you’re missing if you don’t, we’re posting the full episode on the Escape Pod feed. We’ll only do this once or twice, so if you want your fantasy fix, subscribe today!

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  1. Hannes Engelbrecht says:

    Congratulations on the launch of Podcastle, Steve!
    I’m downloading the first episode now, for my commute home this afternoon.

  2. Nancy DeJong says:

    What a wonderful first story. Thank you for all the effort to get this podcast up and running. I will be a constant listener.

  3. Nice, this is something I’ve anticipated highly. I bounce between Escapepod and Pseudopod weekly waiting for the new eps. Now I’ve got one more to listen to! 🙂 Great work!

  4. What a great episode. A captivating piece of fiction.

  5. Daniel Cotton says:

    You know, the web addresses for the other casts have somehow escaped my attention. Do you think you might put the links somewhere prominent here in the Esc Pod site?

    Of course I could google it or look around but I’m too lazy/busy/important (ok not the last one). Anyway, other casual visitors would also benefit.

  6. Ben says:

    I normally hate fantasy, but since it was in my Escape Pod feed I listened anyway. I primarily only listen in my car, but when I got home I plugged my iPod into my stereo to finish listening to the rest of the story. (I usually just wait until I am driving again to finish listening to a podcast.) That says a lot about how I lijed this story.

    If Pod Castle continues to have this quality of story, I am going to have to subscribe to it and listen to the rest of them. Please continue to buy stories that don’t contain the same overused fantasy tropes as other fantasy stories.

  7. csrster says:

    On the contrary, please don’t base your editorial decisions on the preferences of self-identified haters of the genre.

  8. The Office Troll says:

    One of my favourite Beagle Stories – a perfect way to launch Podcastle 🙂

  9. Great way to kick things off, guys! Congrats!

  10. Vance M. says:

    Amazing story, great job! Loved it and will definitely listen to it again and subscribe to PodCastle.

  11. Marius Cross says:

    Would that mean, that during the time of the party, there was no death in the world? Is there on the job training? Sounds like an awful lot of responsibility for a mild mannered lady. Great story, was surprised to find myself enjoying it.