EP142: Artifice and Intelligence

By Tim Pratt.
Read by Stephen Eley.
First appeared in Strange Horizons, August 2007.

Two months earlier, the vast network of Indian tech support call
centers and their deep data banks had awakened and announced its
newfound sentience, naming itself Saraswati and declaring its
independence. The emergent artificial intelligence was not explicitly
threatening, but India had nukes, and Saraswati had access to all the
interconnected technology in the country — perhaps in the world —
and the result in the international community was a bit like the
aftermath of pouring gasoline into an anthill. Every other government
on Earth was desperately — and so far fruitlessly — trying to create
a tame artificial intelligence, since Saraswati refused to negotiate
with, or even talk to, humans.

Rated PG. Contains some profanity and references to sex.

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