EP131: Hesperia and Glory

By Ann Leckie.
Read by Frank Key (of Hooting Yard).
First appeared in Subterranean Magazine #4.

He told me then of the antiquity and superiority of Martian
civilization, and of Hesperia, which was the greatest of Martian
nations. Each Hesperian learned, from his mother’s knee and
throughout his schooling, the importance of right thinking. “On
Mars,” he said, “we understand that what one thinks makes the world.”

“Do you mean to say that each of us makes our own world with his
thoughts?” I’d heard the idea before, usually at two in the morning
from young men drunk with a heady mix of champagne and philosophy, and
whose lives had yet to run up very hard against reality.

“No, no,” said Atkins testily. “Nothing so trivial. There’s only one
universe. But that universe is formed by thought. If it were left to
undisciplined minds, the world would be chaos.”

Rated G. Contains classic Martian action/adventure and potentially hazardous philosophy.