EP120: The Sundial Brigade

By James Trimarco.
Read by Graydancer (of The Ropecast).
First appeared in Glorifying Terrorism, ed. Farah Mendlesohn.
Closing song: “Think For Yourself” by George Hrab

Not long after that, Antonio had an appointment with his curator,
Yoshi, at the Department of Human Heritage. Antonio explained his
situation in the Tyrranean language.

“So you’re unsatisfied with your role as a beggar,” Yoshi said.
“That’s hardly surprising. The unemployed of the early twenty-first
century were also unhappy. Your emotions are true to period, that’s

“But it’s all wrong,” Antonio insisted. “I did well in school. I
studied to be an engineer. If this was the real Italy, someone like me
wouldn’t end up like this.”

Yoshi’s mouth curved into the sterile non-smile of a bureaucrat with
no time for sympathy.

Rated R. Contains strong themes of violence and terrorism, strong language, and some sexual content.

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