EP116: Ej-Es

By Nancy Kress.
Read by Sheri Mann Stewart.
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First appeared in Stars: Stories Based On Janis Ian Songs, ed. Janis Ian & Mike Resnick.
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Mia didn’t reply. Her attention was riveted to Esefeb. The girl flung herself up the stairs and sat up in bed, facing the wall. What Mia had see before could hardly be called a smile compared to the light, the sheer joy, that illuminated Esefeb’s face now. Esefeb shuddered in ecstasy, crooning to the empty wall.

“Ej-es. Ej-es. Aaahhhh, Ej-es!”

Mia turned away. She was a medician, but Esefeb’s emotion seemed too private to witness. It was the ecstasy of orgasm, or religious transfiguration, or madness.

“Mia,” her wrister said, “I need an image of that girl’s brain.”

Rated PG. Contains passing sexual references and graphic medical description.

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