PodDisc.com is live!

As promised in the past couple of episodes, our online storefront for selling podcast archive CDs is (finally!) up and running at PodDisc.com. This is your chance to get all of your holiday shopping done in one place — provided everyone you know wants over 45 hours of science fiction short stories on CD.

What do the discs look like? I’m glad you asked. They look like this:

Escape Pod Collection 3

Beautiful, isn’t it? And for a very slight fee, you can have your own personal message put on the CD. You can buy each disc for $10 or a bundle of all three collections for $25. Shipping is a cheap flat rate in the U.S. (and tolerable everywhere else), and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Right now only Escape Pod CDs are available, but once the business model proves viable I plan to open this up to producing archive discs for other podcasters. If that’s a service you’d be interested in, drop me a line and I’ll give you more details.

And remember: If you’ve donated $20 or more to Escape Pod this year, or if you’re a subscriber, don’t buy yet! I’ll be sending details to you in e-mail on how you can get this stuff for free.

…Right after I get some sleep.

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  1. shaved_goat says:

    That looks GREAT Steve. Make it ready for Christmas and as was said once…”If you build it…they will come.”

    Now REALLY make my day and detail the Daikaiju purchase….near but impossible to get in Australia!

  2. S.T.U.N. Runner says:

    Got a question… is it just the stories or the complete episodes? I’d like to get this for my geeky-yet-conservative lawyer friend and if he hears one word of Steve’s political ranting he’ll toss the CD right out the car window.

  3. SFEley says:

    It’s the complete episodes, Daikaiju-to-Daikaiju. Sorry if that makes it a non-starter for you.

    I’m curious, though — on which episode (or episodes) do you think I went overly political? I’m not arguing, I’d just like to know where you think I went too far, since I try pretty hard to avoid bringing up politics at all.

  4. S.T.U.N. Runner says:

    The one that comes to mind immediately is the time you expressed umbrage with the print media for captioning nearly identical photographs of Katrina survivors based on race. I agreed with the observation, but I’m pretty sure my friend wouldn’t.

    But I know there were other episodes like that, since I remember a few times thinking, “Oh dear, here’s an episode I can’t give to M-.”

    Maybe I can give it to him anyway, bite my own liberal tongue, and preface the handoff by saying “The host leans a little left, so you’ll have to just ignore what he says before the story begins.”

  5. Amanda says:

    Awww, the site isn’t working for me.

  6. Amanda says:

    Yippeee! It’s going. Thanks Steve.

  7. […] Anyway, Steve Eley really did have plans to open this opportunity to other podcasters who want to duplicate and retail their archived podcasts and other podcast-related merchandise. PodDisc plan to take $3 of the sale to cover their costs. […]

  8. Luce says:

    Just made an order for one of your GREAT looking CDs. Do you know how long they’re gonna take to fly over the channel to UK though?

  9. SFEley says:

    Hi Luce,

    It should just take a few days. We send via airmail.

  10. Richard Eaton says:

    hi there
    mine was order number 26, and i am here in the UK, took just 4 days to get here, the quality of the discs and recordings is excellent. They were a birthday gift to myself and I am very happy with them. I look forward to more collections…
    Thanks so very much

  11. Rahid (UK) says:

    Well that’s slightly slack of me, left it so long before ordering this primo product that i’m orbiting at order 100. I await with bated breath and expectant empegplayer.