Pern Movie!

Anne McCaffrey’s (why is it never “Hugo-winning novelist, Anne McCaffrey”?) rich world of telepathic dragons is finally coming to a movie house near you. SciFi Wire reports that Copperheart Entertainment will be adapting it to the movies.

This makes me want to send a note back in time to my 15 year old self and say, “Just be patient. It will come.”

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  1. peggy Griner says:

    This is the best news I have had in years. I just wish my sister were still here to see this happen. She introduced me to the dragons all those many years ago. I would like to think that wherever she is she knows. Please keep us informed on this project. Thank you for this news. P.Griner

  2. Jim says:

    When I first saw the headline on the feed, I thought it was a pun on “Porn Movie.” A half-second later I figured out it was McCaffrey’s Pern. I I guess that shows where my mind is most of the time. Still, the time is right for it… the special effects have caught up with the author’s vision by this time.

  3. Joe McClow says:

    However, it WILL make it easier for adult movie purveyors who like naming their latest porn feature after popular movies. “Something-riders of Porn”

    C’mon. You all can see it.

    Seriously – I’m just worried this is yet another late Hollywood attempt to cash in on the Lord of the Rings

  4. CrazyDave says:

    Just FYI

    Yesterday’s Sunday Times, had the first in their list of “20 intriguing podcasts” as escape pod.

  5. Benj says:

    I’m just grateful that yet another of my all time favorite writers’ work can be experienced in this fashion. I prayed for Tolkien, and hope for Kurtz (Deryni)

  6. CrazyDave, is there an online version of the list?

  7. Jeff S says:

    I’m still waiting on more news about “Ender’s Game.”

    I’m crossing my fingers hoping that Pern will be the movie we all hope it will be.

  8. CrazyDave says:


    I don’t think it was online on monday, but it is now.

    (Click on name, not sure if you can post URLs in this comment box)

  9. David K says:

    Thanks for the great news Mur! I’m now patiently waiting for info on IMDB. I totally agree with your comment about sending a note back to yourself 15 years ago (more like 20 for me). Anne McCaffrey’s DragonRiders of Pern series was the first genre sci-fi I remember being interested in. I read every single book of hers I could get my hands on and was always on the lookout for a new installment. If done well, the movie could be a shoe-in for several awards on special effects! And heck, who doesn’t like a **good** dragon story???

  10. Spanglemaker says:

    Anne is quite excited that Copperheart is keeping her, her astronomer and her favorite dragon artist Michael Whelan closely involved in this movie endeavor. She is trying to make Pern te movie it could and should be!

  11. Mr. Merc says:

    Ipray this attempt (and I ay that because there have been several other moves to do this other than Alliance Atlantis) doesn’t get driven into the ground by producers who want to make slashes to the script. If this is serious, on the other hand, I really look forward to it.

  12. john says:

    I really hope it happens this time.
    I hope that canadian company makes alot of money on it. If nothing else just to stick it in the face of all those other looser movie companies that passed or screwed it up ( just like the company who was 1 day away from shooting a pilot and canceled it..jerks).

  13. Bambi says:

    I had really been hoping Peter Jackson would do it.

    But if these folks do it close to as well as he would have done it, this could be very exciting news indeed!

  14. Vylitte says:

    A movie about Pern…The feelings I have are so mixed. I can remember my mother reading me “The Smallest Dragonboy” when I was three, and that was my introduction to Anne McCaffery’s amazing world of realistic fantasy. As much as I want to see her literary works of art brought to life, I fear that the money-making mongrels of our world simply won’t do her characters,and fantastic tales justice. The special effects will be fine, but honestly, look back at Jurassic Park, when most of the effects were real animitronics. I just don’t want to see all of my beloved dragons and fire lizards reduced to mere cgi, which no matter how good it is, does not have the depth to it that is sorely needed for the magnitude of Ramoth, Mnementh, and all the others. Inasmuch as that seeing the places and characters on screen will be terribly jolting after holding them in my mind’s eye for over 20 years. If done right this movie will be absolutly breathtaking, and will bring us all to the place where we so often go to escape the world where we are. After all, it is our parallel earth..

  15. Anna says:

    When I first heard about the movie (or movies perhaps?) I could not believe it was real. I’ve been looking forward to this since I first got hooked on the series. I can’t wait, though I’m scared that they won’t do Anne McCaffrey justice. Hopefully they’ll pull it off. I think its worth the risk.

  16. David says:

    Does anyone have any idea when shooting will even begin or when we can expect to start seeing trailers for “Escape Pod”? I, for one, have always thought about a big screen version of the Dragonriders of Pern. Now, hopefully, my dreams will become reality.

  17. Sarrah says:

    I’m both excited and teriffied because I love those stories and the characters. As long as there are good no graet actors and techies the story and the essance of the characters will keep the movie(s) alive. However many studios are to interested in profite to care about being true to the story.

    there is only one character that i am woried about seeing on screen and that is Robinton. I can’t imagin who could possibly be chosen to play the Master Harper of Pern.

  18. Mirth says:

    I can hardly wait to hear more. I’ve been waiting for a Pern movie for as long as I have been reading Pern.

  19. quartz says:

    Remember “Dragonheart”?

    I sincerely hope “The Dragonriders of Pern” makes it to the big screen just to spite that pile of unphosphorous rubble.

    As for the question of “who should portray Robinton?” the answer would have to be “how old is he?”

    Robinton should be inhabited by a musician first, an actor second. The Masterharper of Pern is both teacher and entertainer. (And an infiltrator, but that’s a different topic…)

    Robinton is such a difficult role to cast. I don’t envy them. Is Gary Cooper available? (sigh)

    Who should portray Lessa, rider of Ramoth?
    F’Lar, rider of Mnementh?
    Jaxom and Ruth??

    Or should it start much earlier?

    Or is Moreta’s story the best one?

    I don’t care, which story they choose, but heed Pern the respect it deserves.

  20. quartz says:

    Remember “Dragonheart”?

    I sincerely hope “The Dragonriders of Pern” makes it to the big screen just to spite that pile of unphosphorous rubble.

    As for the question of “who should portray Robinton?” the answer would have to be “how old is he?”

    Robinton should be inhabited by a musician first, an actor second. The Masterharper of Pern is both teacher and entertainer. (And an infiltrator, but that’s a different topic…)

    Robinton is such a difficult role to cast. I don’t envy them. Is Gary Cooper available? (sigh)

    Who should portray Lessa, rider of Ramoth?
    F’Lar, rider of Mnementh?
    Jaxom and Ruth??

    Or should it start much earlier?

    Or is Moreta’s story the best one?

    I don’t care which story they choose, but heed Pern the respect it deserves.

  21. Seawitch says:

    Woop! A Pern movie at last. I began reading the series in the 70’s, and have passed it on to my children, and now my nephew. Please keep it authentic as it was written. The world of Pern is the story of the human heart and dragon courage. How many of us cried when Robinton cried? When Moreta went between never to return to her time? When Jaxom impressed Ruth…. *sigh* Today’s world needs Pern and its humanity.

  22. Seawitch says:

    pssst…. Flar = Hugh Jackman *meow!*
    er correction from last post… When Robinton “died”

  23. Dragon Dreamer says:

    My mother was the first to introduce me to the captivateing world of pern we often discussed it’s possabilities as a movie but both feared the loss of the creator’s (Anne)love and passion for her beloved dragon’s if the movie exec’s want a winner and I mean a real winner they will give the reigns over to it’s mother and not scrimp on the effect’s or the talent (please no Decrapio) I am only sad that my mother is not here to see her most enjoyed reading come to life on the screen I pray they do it justice.
    (thats the end of my run on sentence)

  24. Seawitch says:


    Robinton could be played by Ian Mclellan… he has a wonderful baratone voice and the demenor of Robinton. Age is pretty close too.

  25. Sephora says:

    I’m not sure about who should play what…but I hope they do a good job casting. I’m so parnoid they’re gonna mess it up that I keep waiting and searching for the cast list. Ian would be a great choice…but I think they said they were going to start with the first 3 books and that would put Robinton in his early 30’s or so…the age would be wrong for the time line. Though I like the choice of Hugh Jackman as F’lar…yum. As long as he doesn’t go all Wolerine on the part!!!

  26. DaTS Jake says:

    I agree with everyone that the story shouldn’t be butchered. Though I just started the series not too long ago, I’ve known about it for a while and that is why I started reading. I’ve read 6 books now in about 2-3 months, and I know I won’t be able to get enough. The movie(s) will be an addition to the telling of the stories and that is why I believe any die-hard fan or new beginner will love the movie(s) if it(they) stay true to the books! Fly high and be happy!

  27. seawitch says:

    Well… Hugh Jackman is far more than an X-Man. Read his Bio. He is a consumate actor with stage and movie credits to his abilities. He can also sing… F’lar can’t but Robinton can… If not F’lar, he could be a young Robinton… eh?
    Now… who could be Jaxom… Someone athletic but small of stature. With a twinkle in his eye?

  28. Dr. Merc says:

    I just saw the movie preview for the Eragon Movie coming out soon, and for about ten seconds in I thought it was a prieview for the new Pern Movie. I don’t mean to burst anyone’s bubble, but Eragon could give a Pern movie a serious run for its money.

  29. seawitch says:

    Heh… ANY movie with “good” dragons is a great idea in my book. And they can’t say the CG dragon isn’t possible anymore. I got excited when Sean Connery was Draco for heavens sake! *bugle!* Bring on the Dragons!

  30. Slippy says:

    I would like to see the movie start with the first of the current pass novels.

    I would hope that they start the movie with a synopsis of what has happened before, explaining the colonization, first fall, genetic engineering, and the slow rise and fall of mankind and dragonkind on Pern.

  31. Slippy says:

    Also, I would hope they either cast all unknowns, or not overly showcase any well-known actors or actresses, to the detrimnent of the story.

    Look at Arwen in the Rings trilogy. She (Liv Taylor) had much more of a part than I remember Arwen having in the story. Because, it WAS Liv Taylor, I guess, instead of an unknown.

    Anne MacAffery shot down the previous projects exactly because they wanted to butcher the plot and character. She is the best guidong light for the book-to-movie deal going.

  32. seawitch says:

    Just saw the preview for Eragon as well… *ponder* .. A telepathic relationship between the female dragon and the rider… Sound familiar???? However, like I said before. It’s probably a good movie, but we Pern fans KNOW how good the Dragonriders of Pern series is going to be… yes?

  33. I have been waiting for a Dragon Riders of Pern Movie since I read the first of the books in the 60’s. I am 62 myself and looking forward to it. Of course, after seeing what they did to Azimov’s “I Robot”, I take it with a grain of salt.

  34. Sean Wolff says:

    Well to add my two sense. IF the above poost is true and copperheart is involved with whelan and the astronomer Anne McCaffrey has her finger all over it and will be on top of them like a mother hawk. I am looking forward to this movie even more then X Men. Been reading and collecting her book since age 12 and not going to quit either. CHEEEEERRRRRSSSS!!!!

  35. travis says:

    As a long time fan of the Pern franchise, I hope Anne McCaffery stays as far away from the production company that brought Eragon to the big screen. The best thing about that movie is the preview–the rest of the movie butcher’s the plot and flow of the book. I’ve been excited the last 4 or 5 times I heard a rumor that the Dragonriders would make it to the big screen. I guess I’ll be more excited when I see the trailer and release date.

  36. Julie says:

    I just came back from seeing Eragon, and was looking for a place with people that actually KNOW the Pern books, unlike my friends. In a way, even if the Pern movies never get made (don’t get me started on that huge tease of a mini-series), you can always try to think of Eragon as a second-rate ‘Pern’ movie. I mean, so blue dragons can be female and their names don’t end in an ‘h’, so there’s no thread… there are SO many similarites between Eragon and Pern that I often wonder if the author visited PernMU (and other such online games) for roleplaying as much as I did. :3

    I’m torn because to me, it really is a rip-off… the movie is based on a mixture of Pern, LOTR, Dragonheart, and Star Wars. LOTR and Dragonheart so much to the point that certain specific scenes – like when the older dragonrider was swordfighting with Eragon (SO Bowen and the princeling), but if I can get over that, it’s nice to actually see a real dragonrider on screen.

    Although unknowns would be the best for a Pern movie, here’s some of my calls:

    F’lessan – John Stamos (ever since Art of Pern, he’s all I can see as him)

    Menolly – Bryce Dallas Howard

    Robinton – Hugh Jackman (you can always age him)


  37. dragon champ says:

    i am twelve and have started reading the books and there the best books ever.Eragon has totally ripped the books off and we should hunt down the creators.I can’t wait for the movie with modern day effects it should be great.they should start with all the history E,G,humans settled genetically made dragons like slippy said(31)

    cant wait for the movie if anyone hears a date publish it HERE!!!!!

  38. faeryedark says:

    I’m hoping the movie’s as good as the books. I haven’t seen or Eragon and I have no plans to. I want REAL dragon riders!
    I like the idea of Hugh Jackman tho’

  39. I like the idea of Patrick Stewart as Robinton.

  40. Astdx says:

    I just read about Christopher Paolini’s (the writer of Eragon) next series. Its suppose to be about a small large footed creature called a Obbit that inherits a magical toe ring from his eccentric uncle Dilbo Daggins. After realizing the evil powers of this ring he must carry it to a volcano and destroy it. I under its suppose to be called lord of the toe rings.

  41. LePhantom says:

    Patric Stewart would make a GREAT Robinton.

  42. mad_doodle says:

    Filming should begin, as the reader should, with the first trilogy (though probably working in parts of the Harper Hall trilogy as they fit). Like others, I’ve been waiting over 20 years to see F’lar & Lessa, Robinton & Menolly on the screen.

    I would like to see a cast of relative unknowns make their breaks in this series – the characters are so well drawn it can’t help but make any decent actor into a star. But enough of the McKellens & Stewarts who get so much screen time – my call for Robinton or F’lar would be another English actor (and stage god) who has not yet made it to the big screen but well desreves to, Greg Hicks. He has a greater ability without the ubiquity of the other two,
    and is used to period roles – his Coriolanus, Tamburlaine and Player King speak Robinton to me.

    If we had to go with known actors, I’m hot on Mark Harmon and Kiefer Sutherland at the moment – either of them would light my firestone.

  43. ghostgirl145 says:

    From what I’ve read looks like it will be the original trilogy, DragonFlight etc.

    Eragon WAS a good movie as far as Dragon movies go, BUT there wasn’t enough dragon!…and the baby dragon was soooo cute! Made me want one for Christmas!! 🙂 And I know that the Pern dragons (big and small) are going to be fantastic with the CGI technology these days and the realism…ah!! I can’t wait…and with Michael Whelan hopefully doing the drawing the dragons are going to look fantastic!! I’m not a big fan of the round nosed dragon, like in Eragon. Can’t wait for the date I will SOOO be there!!!

  44. Allan says:

    Jusy watched Eragon and loved it. So many parallels with Anne McAffrey’s Pern that I wondered is it based on her books? I mean dragon can speak to to humans, impression, etc. Is there a connection there?

    Pern series of books is the best ever written in my opinion, own them all and reread them every time I need a good sci-fi fix.

  45. Cassandra says:

    You know, I’m one of her younger fans, considering how long these books have been around and so I’ve also gotten into the world of Harry Potter. The only reason that I bring it up is because I want to see Pern on the big movie screen more than I want to see the next HP movie or read the last book!!!! That’s got to be saying something to all those involved so that they don’t drag their feet or let everyone down…again (in some cases).

  46. Suzanne says:

    I’ve been reading Her books since Age 9 and I am ecstatic! I hope it doesn’t fall through like it did the last couple times. And Someone earlier posted something about F’lessan, but if they make a movie about one of the first three books about the current pass, then F’lessan is either not born or a child. He isn’t even a main character until Skies of Pern ao I don’t think it really matters who plays him. I love his character, don’t get me wrong, I just don’t think it matters. And would robinton really only be around thirty? I thought he was at least 40 when the pass started.

  47. Barry F. says:

    Two points:
    1) Hopefully they go from “DragonsDawn” (which will bring in the spaceship lovers) to (or past) “White Dragon”.
    2) They don’t butcher the story line as they did in “Eragon”. Lots of things left out!

  48. Smumdax says:

    I am watching Eragon right now… and I find it hard to believe all the exact similarities (sp?) with Anne McCaffrey’s books… If this isn’t related somehow, it is a blatent rip-off. Impressions, telepathy, dragon-riders, Brom’s caracter very much like Robinton (his dragon died and all the mentor thing)… I think the production company made this film quickly so to steal the thunder of an eventual Pern-based movie… If it’s not related, I find this disgusting and irrespectfull… If it’s related, I find it dumb because it will make Pern look like the rip-off.

  49. Johnney says:

    the writer of eragon was like 17 when he wrote it… of course there was influence… I do hope the dragonrider’s movie is of the same caliber production as Eragon or even better… it’s special effects were top notch… and I’m nervious about this production company… they don’t inspire alot of confidance… been a year already and nothing real on the net about it…

  50. Michael Garrison says:

    Having read “Eargon” and seeing the film adaptation, I hope the movie version of Pern will be even closer to the original text! I enjoyed the books very much and look forward to a movie version. Maybe we will all be amazed and satisfied.
    Michael G. Parrish, AL USA

  51. jesse says:

    Ahhh! i’m ecstatic to find other pern lovers! Ok. Anyway. I agree that they should probably use unknown actors, so that the quality of the characters isn’t overshadowed by big name stars (if that makes sense). But, if we are going to fantasize about who should play the big characters, who could play Lessa? With her hair dyed dark, Scarlet Johanssen comes to mind for Lessa. Maybe. That’s just who popped into my head at this moment. I’m sure there’s someone better…any ideas? Tim Curry might make a great Meron, cuz he’s so good at being evil…but he might be too loveable….And, can we work Hugh Laurie and Colin Firth in somewhere? (Sorry, i just really love the Brits.) Shards! I’m so excited!!!!!! 🙂

  52. Terry Hobden says:

    i only recently got into the books my girlfriends mum mentioned them to me so the first thing i did was go to my nearest book shop and buy the first one iv just finished moreta and am now on nerilka’s story and i have to say i havent taken to a series like this before i found out today 16/4/07 about the movie while i was browsing around and couldn’t beleive it i hope the do the books justice afterall they deserve every bit of it.

  53. Paul says:

    I am really into the Dragon Riders of Pern Books and on hearing of a film to be made, I have been searching everywhere i can to get information on it. the closest i’ve found is that film was written up then changed so much that it didn’t fit with what Anne McCaffrey had written an so it was ditched. Then along comes Copperheart who have said they will make pern into a movie and that was back in 2006, so if anyone out there knows for sure if indeed there is to be a movie and when its likely to be out, please post here and lets us all know.

  54. Colin says:

    Good news for all:

    Found a listing for the Dragonriders Of Pern film on IMDB today – it’s still in development (hasn’t it always been), but it’s dated 2008! Don’t know if that’s production or release date though.

  55. Colin says:

    Let the bouncing-off-walls commence!

  56. Paul says:

    thanx for that bit of info Colin, just one question! IMDB??

  57. Deserai says:

    imdb.com is a movie site where you can look up all sorts of movies and actors and find out information about them. imdb is short for internet movie database. Look it up and have fun!

  58. Amber says:

    I just tried looking it up on IMDB and it’s something they’ll only let you look at if you’re on IMDBPro. Which I’m not about to pay for.

    I definitely felt like Eragon was something of a rip off. Of all the dragon stories I’ve seen, Dragonriders of Pern are my favorite.

  59. ian says:

    i love dragon books especialy eragon and eldest but this the best ive ever read and im only 11!

  60. Dragonlover says:

    HORRIBLE. thats all i have to say about Eragon. They totally butchered the story…i fear for the Pern movie…if is still exists. I love These books, and i will seriously cry if they totally mess with it…somehow i dont think a movie will ever do all these stories justice, and i most hope it doesnnt materialize. I think perahps if it does that The Masterharper’s story would be the best place to start. He is the Forrest Gump of pern..always managing to be in the right place at the right ttime to see all the political happenings on pern that would shed light to all newcomers to pern lore as to the socity that is pern…hmm…something to think about

  61. Tomvox says:

    Your comments about IMDB really relate to the facts that there is nothing definite in the public domain at the moment. Copperheart seem to be aiming for a 2008 release to cinemas which should mean that it is currently in pre-production. If the IMDB timescale is correct we should hear cast details etc. within the next month or two. I eagerly await some firm news.

  62. Tallin La Rue says:

    that is so cool thet they are making a movie. i just started reading the books and i’m already a fanatic. i’m at the end of Dragonquest.
    the movie sis going to be so cool as long as they get the story right. love the Hugh Jackman idea.
    (by the way eargon the movie IS a rip off. they left sooooooooo much out and half the book is copied off dragonriders of pern anyway)

  63. Sara says:

    OMG. If they get it right, this will be on epic movie. I hope they don’t cut it too much. Just to get Tolkien’s works on the screen, those movies had to be 3 hours long. I would totally sit in the theater that long if this movie is up to par with what I’ve been imagining these last years. I can’t wait until they post comprehensive casting lists. I don’t want a lot of A-list actors/actresses to ruin this movie, of course, it might not be so bad as that.

  64. DaTS Jake says:

    I agree with Sara that even if the movie was long it would be worth the time, if it staid with the book all the way. But if the book proves to be too long and complex for a single film, then i think it would be a good idea to split the movie into two or three parts. The only downside that I can think of for this is that the movie series would be REALLY long and might cause a loss of interest. But if a movie does have to be split and no matter how many parts to it, I will see them all!

  65. 3d3nd3n1 says:

    When is this thing being released? Did they stop production on it? I can’t find a cast list or movie poster or triler and its been over a year.

  66. annwithane says:

    I need an update РCopperheart Entertainment is not listing anything on their site and imdb just has the title listed – this is not good – does anyone have current news on the status of the movie? On the same night I found out that Xanth and Pern were both headed to the moveis in 2008, and I was jumping around at 2 in the morning totally wanting to call someone to celebrate, but now I can’t find updates on either one and am starting to worry…

  67. mamahill says:

    I read last month that Anne McCaffrey pulled the plug on this movie because Hollywood wanted to screw around with it and sex it up…. I so wish someone in Hollywood or NY would treat this series that they gave Harry Potter… JK was on the set every day and had total say on her script why can Anne not have the same!!! We who are fans think she would make us proud! HP didn’t have any thongs or g strings an it broke records the first weekend. STICK WITH THE STORYLINE. Maybe should check a different venue, North Carolina is getting alot of movie traffic… The scenery would be more adaptable to Pern anyway!!

  68. Michael says:

    Good for Anne, if they’re going to mess it up it is better if it is not made.

  69. Angela says:

    I hope the movie is still a go. But I agree if they are going to mess with the storyline don’t do the movie.
    This series of books is my all time favorites

  70. DaTS Jake says:

    If they cant do a movie, why not do a TV series? It’s been thought of before and rejecetd, but it seems the only way that the story could be told accurately and/or completely. I think Anne should reconsider the option of a televised series.

  71. Nikki says:

    I first entered a world of Pern in early 90’s when Dragonquest was for the first time translated into russian, & I’m in it since then. I’d really love to see it on a big screen, I dreamed of it for many years (considering the suitable actors)… but, after watching Eragon… I do hope they will do better… Dont think my mind will survive one more blue dragon-girl with the wings made of feathers…horrible

  72. Chris says:

    Eventually my friends this will come. The wait willbe worthwhile. I have been diging for info on a movie since I was in middle school early 90’s. Anneis a playwright/script writer (hollywood dont like that) she (and now todd) owns every bit of her material, and will never let it get fowled. i doubt she would pull a movie due to sex in the story have any of you actually read what happens during a mating flight OMG. You would think with the blue green mating and the guy guy riders the public left wingers would be jumping at it. If anything I think this will happen… we have the tech we have the drive and fans… now we need someone to give anne and Todd money and leave them be. The TV series that ws planned was the best idea I have found and actually went to production before being capped due to technology and funding. be patient my friends.

  73. Chris says:

    Not to be annoying but i just found more info. as of AUG 2007 3 months ago on her (annes) official website she has postede this

    As Regarding the Pern Movie
    October 22nd, 2007 | Archives
    We’ve been getting tons and tons of mail asking about the upcoming Pern film. Some of you haven’t seen the press release, which is here, but you have reminded us that there hasn’t been a lot of public discussion about it since then. Everyone (including us) would like to see a movie of the highest quality brought to the screen, as quickly as possible! We have a great deal of faith in Copperheart Entertainment who, at this moment, are in discussions with talent and financiers.

    As soon as we can say more, we most definitely will. We promise!

    She promises. thats good enough for me.

  74. Maryan says:

    Hugh Laurie for Robinton. Hugh Jackman for F’lar. Cate Blanchette for Lessa.

    We’ve been waiting for this movie for so long, they’ll have to change the name of the character Fax to E-Mail.

  75. Chris says:

    lol thats great witht he fax comment.

    Oh and i always thought patrick stewart would make a great robinton, and jaoquin phenoix as fax, he made a great bad guy in Gladiator.

    Milla Jovavich for Lessa cause she small and can fight well.

  76. AK Jenny says:

    One of the things McCaffrey is trying to make happen for the movie is to be sure that the soundtrack involves the musicians she chose for the companion CD to Masterharper (Tania Opland and Mike Freeman). Please raise your voices for this–and if you haven’t yet heard the CD, check it out!

  77. Lucheiah says:

    Oh man, I hope it’s true!! My whole family are Pern fanatics – my grandfather got me into Anne’s books when I was still learning to read ^_^. I would LOVE to see some little-known, GOOD actors cast in the lead roles, otherwise the focus will be on “ooh ahh Hugh Jackman, ooh ahh Ian McKellan” and so on. They’re awesome actors but the focus should be on the brilliant story, the rich characters and so on, not on all the “beautiful people” that have been cast.

    And I swear to the gods, if Hollywood gets its filthy, oversexed moneygrubbing hands on the films, I’ll cry!

  78. Paul says:

    2008 is here, and still o sign that a movie is even in making “sigh”

    Come on someone please out us out of our misery and let us know one way or another if the Pern Movie is gonna grace our screens….

    I still wait in vain

  79. SeaWitch says:

    I returned to the site to see the Movie is still causing a lot of talk, excitement, and hope….

    I as many of you have been holding my breath for about 10 years now on a movie about Pern… I know Anne and CO are promising to keep us posted.. but dang, I only have so much nail bed left. chew, chew… Give Us A Sign.

    Show Us the… Cast?, Release Date?

  80. Chris says:

    Lucheiah “And I swear to the gods, if Hollywood gets its filthy, oversexed moneygrubbing hands on the films, I‚Äôll cry!”

    one of the main reasons we have been waiting so very long..Anne won’t let it happen.

  81. Chris says:

    anyone have imdb pro they say they have more info when you search dragonriders of pern..but its only available to pro users….Anne’s website has nothing newer than Oct 2007…I did submit an email but I am sure she gets many and they can’t really take time on something so in the future..we will see and I will let yo all know what I find out…let me know if you have pro and you can view more..IMDB does state dragonriders of Pern 2008 so hhhmmm….email me skoshidragon@hotmail.com

  82. DaTS Jake says:

    I was thinking about how whoever takes the reins of the movie might depict how the dragons looked, and it occurred to me that maybe the best graphical and physical appearance might be created by the people who did the dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park movies. If they could make animatronics for a full grown triceratops and the head of a t-rex, I believe that they could create a dragon with little to no difficulty. And the digitally created looks of the dragons would look beautiful.

  83. Pat says:

    So, October 22nd ’07 is the last update on Anne’s website. After looking into Copperheart’s website, I think I would rather this movie doesn’t happen. Their movies seem to be bad horror flicks, and I am not sure they have what it takes to make all of us Pern fans happy. I am a HUGE fan of the Dragonriders, and I would rather not have the visions and memories that I have from the books ruined by a second rate production company. However, if the movie is still on, I’ll be there!!!

  84. Chris says:

    Per that companies history the movies they make are wierd but on purpose. Also They have won many awards for their short film animated features relying heavily on CGI graphics they are toted as the best CGI afte lucas’ company (can you say sweet dragons here we go) Anne wouldn’t have allowed them to buy the rights if she wasn’t confident in their ability, and she always has full control. They want to branch out into something differnt than just horror, (and their horror movies are extrememly popular) I wrote them and email and recieved no response, I also wrote anne’s site a few times and recieve no response for an update or further infor on the project with Copperheart. If someone knows how to write an online petiotion we can all sign and submit showing the huge amount of support maybe they can get funding and investments and give us information…..Anyone know how to do that???? even if we all commit to email her and them show a mass effort it worked for Jericho’s return

  85. Chris says:

    Per that companies history the movies they make are wierd but on purpose. Also They have won many awards for their short film animated features relying heavily on CGI graphics they are toted as the best CGI afte lucas’ company (can you say sweet dragons here we go) Anne wouldn’t have allowed them to buy the rights if she wasn’t confident in their ability, and she always has full control. They want to branch out into something differnt than just horror, (and their horror movies are extrememly popular) I wrote them and email and recieved no response, I also wrote anne’s site a few times and recieve no response for an update or further infor on the project with this company. If someone knows how to write an online petiotion we can all sign and submit showing the huge amount of support maybe they can get funding and investments and give us information…..Anyone know how to do that???? even if we all commit to email her and them show a mass effort it worked for Jericho’s return

  86. moonfire says:

    Here we go again still waiting for The ultimate movie for those of us that The Dragonriders and other peoples of Pern. I am sick of hearing it will come out in 2008 we’re here give it to us already! Please so I can stop pacing the tables!

  87. Paul says:

    Well once again I come here to see if any news has been released about the “supposedly” in the making Pern Film, and yet again I am left dejected.
    Surely there must be some news as to whether or not this film is going to be made. I wonder, does anyone from Anne’s circle or Copperhearts even grace this place or any like it to see what people think about Pern and a potential film?

    Chris could you post the webby for Anne’s site “if its allowed” please.

  88. SeaWitch says:

    pokes a finger at the screen…

    Hello? anyone here??? any news???

  89. Chris says:

    Yeah man here is annes offcial website, not updated very often,… maybe if we all email her they will respond… They get lots of emails hence the update on the movie they do have….


    I search all the time for any updates,,, you can go to copperfields website too, its on there but no info about it… I wonder if it will ever become a reality. tis on IMDB.com also. Maybe they are keeping it secret but I doubt something like this can be kept secret very long.

  90. Chris says:



    the second one has todds offcial press release.

    Thats where I start my travels accross the internet on… don’t even remember how I found this little blog. But you guys can follow those bread crumbs. Nothing has come out saying it isn’t being done. and thats good. the TV series nearly came to fruistion, so we will see how the movie goes. They will be cutting and splicing books to fit into a movie, as lots of pern stuff wouldn’t translate well into film… but hopefully in ou life time it will happen.

  91. SeaWitch says:

    The only thing that urks me is that if you want anything out of copperheart… on their “news” page… you have to pay for it… CHEEEEEP!

  92. Dragonlover says:

    Dragon*Con 2008- Anne AND Todd are slated to be there this year! HRM wonder if they will announce anything?? Will keep my eye on the interwebs!!

  93. SeaWitch says:

    Wonderful!!! I keep looking at this lonely little site and will welcome any news… thanks Dragon Lover…

  94. SeaWitch says:

    pokes the page Hello? this thing still alive????

  95. DaTS Jake says:

    Not quite. I think it’s on its final leg. Unless theres new info, this page is practically dead.

  96. SeaWitch says:

    Yeah… I agree. I’m beginning to think the whole thing is a big tease.

  97. Dragonlover says:

    Interesting movie synopsis on this page, dont know if its legit or not:

  98. DaTS Jake says:

    The page lives! Thanks Dragonlover. I don’t remember much of the settlement books, but what you’ve given us fits what I do.

  99. Dragon man says:

    The IMDB has updated the release date from 2008 to 2011 for anyone who hasn’t yet seen it.

  100. Dragonlover says:

    Apparently its taking alittle longer than they anticipated…obviously someone forgot to mention that these books are no wimpy, shallow Earagon stories…:P

  101. Dragon man says:

    Everyone has discussed who should be who but noone has discussed the soundtrack

    Personally i think they should definitely include
    Mad World – Gary Jules

  102. Tira says:

    As far as the soundtrack goes, Tania Opland & Mike Freeman have already done a number of the songs in Anne’s books and have released them. As I have heard you can go to their site and discover a new relaease as well. So my guess would be they would be a good place to start.
    Still waiting for any, and I mean ANY updates on this movie….and as far as I know, neither Anne not Todd made any mention of this at D*C (DragonCon)

  103. Back in 1977(or ’78), a girlfriend and I were snooping in a local bookstore when she pulled a book off the rack and handed it to me saying that it was a “good story”. The book was Dragon Flight and I have been hooked ever since. o, you might guess that over the years I have formed some pretty spacific pictures of the verious characters in the series. The way I see it, there is one person that could play Lessa. She would have to be young, petite, at least fairly atheletic, have a wide range of emotions and deep, dark compelling eyes. Dark hair wouldn’t hurt, either. I can think if only one actress that meets all of these criteria: Summer Glau. I will admit, however, there might be some unknown who could do the job but my vote is for the “crazy girl/terminator”.

  104. SeaWitch says:

    Ditto! I think she would be awsome!

    Now… where’s the movie!

  105. Patience has been said to be a golden vertue–but then it’s also been said that vertue is its own punishment.

  106. I’ve been having second thoughts about my choice for playing Lessa. Summer is a great actress but in every role I’ve seen her (and in live interviews) she always seems a bit “spacey”. I wonder if she could do the highly focused Lessa.

  107. Dragonlover says:

    I would have to disagree with the Summer pick, she just doesnt have that ‘dark, mysterious beauty’ look to her. I would say Angelina Jolie, back in her Tombraider days, only she’s a bit tall, and now she’s too old. hmm, must keep looking…

  108. SeaWitch says:

    K… gonna go out on a limb here… how about Shawn Johnston.. women’s Gymnastic Team. You want small, athletic and full of energy???

    She has the sharp features of Lessa as well.

  109. SeaWitch says:

    Sorry… that was not the photo I wanted… here is Shawn Johnson. All 4’9″ of her.


  110. But can she act? It might be that some as of yet unknown actress would be best. After all, every actor/actress no matter how great now, was an unknown until their breakout role.

  111. Dragonlover says:

    What about Penelope Cruz? Dark hair, a little tall but it could work.

  112. Noble says:

    Halo! The babes are here! This is my best site to visit. I make sure I am alone in case I get too hot. Post your favorite link here.

  113. How about Liv Tyler (Arwyn) as Lessa? Or Sean Mahar as F’lar.

  114. Dragonlover says:

    Liv Tyler is too innocent looking if you ask me….i cant imagine the panting Arwyn whose eyes fluttered at just a touch from Aragorn as the steely eyed, conniving little Lessa…
    Tho Sean Mahar as F’lar would be cool.

  115. Then Zack Effrem could be F’nor. He played an adolesent Simon in the Firefly episode “Safe” and looked like he could have been Sean’s younger brother. He’d be the right age by now.

  116. Paul says:

    What about Eliza Dushku for the part of Lessa ? (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Doll House [New Series], The Wrong Turn [Film])

  117. SeaWitch says:

    still no new news??? sigh

  118. latest target date is 2011. I’ve been having third thoughts. After two seasons of TSCC, I think Summer couls pull it off. However, would she want to? “I’d like to play a normal girl before I’m too old.” Was one of her latest statements.

  119. Dragonlover says:

    I know she’s a little typecasing…but what about Megan Fox? She’s got the dark looks, the attitude…I think she could do it. And how about Josh Duhamel as F’lar or F’nor?

  120. John says:

    Face it gang.
    What the public wants means nothing to these movie makers. The would rather make up thier own really bad scripts than do something worthwhile like Pern. Besides they would cut the heck out of every book like what was done to Harry Potter, and lets face it, to do pern you need to do it all and well. The only way to do any Pern book would be as a mini series or a series. (HEAR THAT SYFY)
    If a movie does come out I am sure it wouldnt do justice to either Anne or her readers.