EP Metacast #2

The second “state of the podcast” address, in which we discuss:

  • Why it’s been too long
  • Steve’s new day job
  • EP publicity and audience growth
  • Current finances
  • Future goals for 2007
  • Marketing plans & conventions
  • Why EP is not going non-profit
  • New company name: Escape Artists, Inc.
  • Different ways to raise funds in the future
  • Why we’ve turned down advertising (and what we might accept)
  • No pay-for-content models, ever
  • Please tell us what you think!

And our bonus flash story:

By Rob Graber.
(Read by Stephen Eley.)

Thanks for a great year, everyone! This coming year will be bigger and better. Nothing can stop us now!

(Well, okay. Giant monsters could. That’s why we got them on our side.)

Comments (7)

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  1. Jeremiah says:

    Again, great podcast. I was once subscribed to over 20 casts, and I’ve stopped listening to all but this one, and one other.

    As a short fiction writer, I’m excited by the idea of a paying podcast market, and the fact that you’re actively working towards raising the pay rate is even better. I don’t know if I’ll ever submit anything to the podcast, but it’s a great example for others.

    Thanks, and keep it up.

    Don’t worry about not going non-profit. I think most of us, especially writers, understand the desire to keep your creation in your hands. Once the overarching control is lost, and your name is still on it, weird things can happen.

  2. Jeremiah B says:

    I love Escape Pod,
    I listen to the stories every week,
    I feel like I am connected to Sci Fi Fans when I listen and then I feel less strang. Your show inspired me to want to write again.

    I am also eager to help in any way I can. I am good at comming up with Ideas for just about anything.
    Much love from the City By the Bay. San Francisco

  3. Sidney Trantham says:

    I discovered Escape Pod about 6 months ago and I can honestly say: I love this PodCast!!! While I am not a die-hard sf fan (e.g., I read a lot of stuff and am not always in the know about the cool or hip or trendy sf stuff to know), I really enjoy the Pod Cast because of the short story format AND the quality. The metacast made me realize how important it is to support Escape Pod, so I set up a recurring $5 PayPal payment today. Keep up the great work!

  4. Colin F says:

    A pledge drive needn’t be restricted to once a year; there must be a happy medium somewhere between every week and once a year. I’ve been meaning to donate for a while (the show is well worth it) and I don’t think a few reminders throughout the year would offend anybody.

    As long as you maintain the great mix of stories, I don’t care about your non-profit (or otherwise) status.

    Congratulations on the success of the first year.

  5. Chris says:

    I like the idea of a pledge drive. Maybe quarterly.

    Here is my $.02:
    Once a quarter for an entire week, release a flash story every day. Before and after the flash do your pledge spiel. After the flash say something to the effect “if you like what you heard for just $XX you could become a gold member and get a …, or for $XX you can have a T-Shirt.”

    Also Loved the flash. I think maybe the new writer lost focus because he was uuking or watching a Krokins football game with his daughter.

  6. I’m cool with not being non-profit. I’m also cool with advertising.

    Done well, advertising can be a service for listeners. As long as it’s clear which parts of the show are paid-for features, who is paying for them and that the message is relevant to the listener.

  7. Sunrider says:

    All hail Demi-God Eley. Greetings from the village of Kansas City.
    Absolutely fantastic flash at the end. That had my husband and I trying to contain our laughter at work (I particularly like the exhausted but happy women next to the robots). All the “easter eggs” were great.

    And on the metacast – you’re awesome. Kudos to you for your ethics and ideals for this podcast. Delaying the non-profit, or never going there, works for me. It doesn’t make sense if there’s more work to it than it’s worth. Advertising would be fine, especially the way you plan it – being relevant to your listeners.

    Great job and keep up the fantastic work.