EP049: Union Dues – Off White Lies

By Jeffrey R. DeRego.
Read by Scott Sigler.
All stories by Jeffrey R. DeRego

“Leave,” she said calmly, “just go. A recruiting visit was here just three weeks ago and they had no success. The people here don’t much like the Union. Hell, it took me almost a year before any of them would even speak to me, and I didn’t try to razzle-dazzle them.” She quickly scanned the list and produced folders matching each name. “Here,” she said and slid them across the desk, “but they won’t go with you.”

The Union tries very hard to get all Supers to sign on and become active members, but some simply won’t. This is the first Village, and already The Union is constructing others. Either the mutation rate is rising among the Normals, or we’re getting better at ferreting them out. Either way, we need more space.

Rated R. Contains graphic violence, mature themes, and some profanity.

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The first Union Dues story (thanks, Aaron!)

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  1. L33tminion says:

    Another Union Dues story? Yay!

  2. Joel says:

    Hey Steve,

    I just finished listening to this story and wanted to say well-done, both to the author, and to you for publishing it.

    I’m looking forward to the next Union Dues story and had a question to ask, somewhat prompted by the current story: Recently, while looking at the redesign of seanachai.com, I noticed Patrick had added a “collections” section, making downloading related stories much easier. Is there any chance something like that will appear on Escape Pod?

    Also, will we be seeing more CDs available for Escape Pod?

    Thanks for all the great stories.

  3. Jon says:

    This is the best story so far. Though, I thought it was going to be a continuation of Iron Bars and the Glass Jaw.

    The Union Dues universe is really growing. Can’t wait for Baby and the Bathwater!

    I looked around some of the other mags for other Union Dues stories, though there weren’t any that I could find. Does he publish them only at Escape Pod?

  4. SFEley says:

    That’s right, Jon — Union Dues is an EP exclusive. >8->

  5. Aaron says:

    Do you guys have a link to the first Union Dues story?

  6. J. R. DeRego says:

    Click the November 2005 link on the left of the page and scroll down to Nov 11. Iron Bars is Episode 27.

  7. bok says:

    Again, a great Union Dues story. Thanks!

    I thought I was a fan of Scott Sigler but I never thought he’d _be_ “Mr. Intensity” himself! Loved the reading Scott!

  8. Awesome. Men in Black! Now I’ll have to listen to Glass Jaw. Came here from Scott’s site.

  9. James says:

    Great story. I would LOVE to hear more of these kinds of stories.

  10. Harris says:

    Brutal, violent, deep.
    DeRego is a genius and a master parodier of his own reality: sadley ours.