EP035: Hero

By Scott Sigler.
Read by Stephen Eley.

There is no defense against a perfect weapon.

The perfect weapon is cunning, calculating and ruthless.

I am all of these things.

There is no defense against me.

The words would die with him, for he was the last. Five centuries of
tradition would fade from existence, probably as soon as he killed
Timmerman. But that didn’t matter, not as long as Timmerman died this day.
Poetic justice is all the more eloquent with your enemy’s brains cooked a

Rated R. Contains profanity, violence, and poor life priorities.

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  1. Man… that was good stuff. Sigler’s got the ability to write well in short form and long form. Nice job reading as well, Steve.

  2. Tim says:

    I just read this podcast and, even though the story was well written, I wonder about the motivation of the daughter. Seems like a pretty large plot hole because *SPOILER!!!!*

    Because if he’s killed 12 other would be assasins, why the heck would she let this stranger into her apartment so quickly? Espically since she was trying to hide (making it hard for people to track her father down by going by her madien name) it just didn’t make sense that she would believe his reporter story and would let him in.

  3. Dan the Man says:

    Maybe she let him in because she suspected he wasn’t really a reporter.

  4. scatterbrain says:

    Bloody great!