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Here’s a minor new feature for the site. If you look at the sidebar on the right, you’ll see a poll asking you to vote for your favorite Escape Pod story from 2005. We’ve picked a couple of likely candidates, but if you don’t like any of those, feel free to click on “Add an Answer” and submit your own.

This is not an entirely academic exercise, by the way. We plan on using this information for a good cause in the next few weeks. (Hint: Hugo nominations are now open…) So let us know what you liked best!

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  1. Harold Swan says:

    You took a huge risk by publishing this story and as a fan of risk taking I applaude you for it. It helps that this was a very well written and imaginative tale and I believe that an award is certainly in (on!)order. WAY TO GO. In these backward times when Darwin is (again) under attack,I believe some folks need a good kick in the pants (or skirts).

  2. I’ve got three to choose from… three different ones, none of which are on the list already.

    1 – I love EP001 Imperial. Maybe it’s ’cause it was my first exposure to EP, but it’s a good story.

    2 – EP009 Jack. How can you not love a story where the main character progresses through space and time, and just doesn’t get it?

    3 – EP015 Hell Notes. I work with marketers. I eat at Chinese restaurants. I’ve not eaten at Chinese restaurants with the people I work with since I’ve heard this story.

    All right. I want to add EP015 and cast my vote for that show. It’s just too good to not include it in the list.

  3. Martha says:

    I can’t vote 🙁 And worse: I can’t find the reason why, so there’s nothing I could fix. I hope you’ll read this and count my vote anyway.

    It was a hard decision: EP15 (Seamstress), because it reminded me why I’m a union member? Or EP17 (Penguin), because I cried for anguish, pity and finally joy?

    I’ll give my vote to EP17, The Life and Times of Penguin.

  4. Eugie Foster says:

    Eek! You must find some way to allow Martha to vote, Stephen! Not that I’ve got any ulterior motives or anything. *whistles innocently*