EP030: Aliens Love Oranges

By Sue Burke.
Read by Mur Lafferty (of Geek Fu Action Grip).

“They do talk wrong,” she whispered. “They say ‘aboot’ instead of ‘about’ and ‘proh-gress’ instead of ‘prah-gress.’ It’s like they can’t almost speak English right.”

“That’s how you tell,” Lois said. “Aliens can’t figure out how to say the letter O. Have y’all ever heard a body talk like that?”

Rated G. Contains mild provinicialism, non-explicit discussion of sexual preferene, and screwdrivers. (The kind with vodka.)

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  1. J. R. DeRego says:

    I really liked this one!

  2. I have to say, this story is one of the best you’ve done, so far. It was so sweet, I was waiting for the “Twilight Zone” ending that would add the SF element in and ruin it for me – but the SF element just made it sweeter. Wonderful story!

    And Mur’s reading was great, too – keep getting her to read for you!

  3. Krista says:

    Great story, enjoyed it as always.
    Gotta echo Robbie and say definitely keep Mur around.

  4. Tess says:

    I loved this story so much! Beautifully sentimental without the slightest hint of schmaltz. I’ve been a haphazard listener to Escape Pod, but this story got my attention. And Mur is now officially my favourite reader. More of her ‘southern accent’ please!

  5. l.m.orchard says:

    I was briefly worried about the “this isn’t the usual fare” caveat at the beginning, but this was a great story and a great reading by Mur. Even without the bit of scifi at the tail end, the themes throughout the story would be pretty familiar to scifi *fans* at least.

    Also: I, for one, welcome a Karaoke performance from our host singing the theme to Cheers.

  6. Simon says:

    Really good story. Maybe your usual should include more tales like this. Fun stories dont have to be full of pyrotechnics.

    Mur is a delight to listen to.


  7. […] I remain utterly fascinated by Escape Pod, the weekly science fiction podcast magazine which just podcasted it‚Äôs 30th episode this week. Over the last month or so I have observed a new trend in this series; Steve and his assistants are busy reclaiming and reanimating defunct sub-genres of science fiction and fantasy. […]

  8. Mark Forman says:

    Nothing fresh here to add.Mur is on of my favroite disembodied voices on the internet. Loved her playing up her southern belleness. Good story too.

  9. Bazooka Joe says:

    I love Escape Pod but I was getting kind of fed up with all the stories that were light and whimsical. Months and months had gone by and I was hankering for a hunk of sci-fi ala Banks, Vinge Egan and or Sterling. And then along comes “Aliens Love Oranges.”

    The story was exactly in the vein I was all set to complain about but I was so taken in and charmed with the tale that I’m completely abashed.

    You always pick out the gems, Steve. Kudos!

  10. Kurt Yount says:

    Well, this is by far my favorite story so far. As I said before I am a blind person and I put these stories on my bookport, a device for reading material fast (for me at least) double speed. This is the kind of story you always wanted SF to be, because as we all know we are all outsiders to one extent or another. Your mission, should you want to accept it, is to find the place where you are an insider and live there. Well, with this one you found it. I think I also understand how to buy the CD, and will do that too. This was the best story I have heard in the last couple of years, and I listen to a lot. Thanks again. Kurt

  11. […] Even in it’s more reflective moments, this series is clearly offensive to both man and God. For example episode 30 titled “Aliens Love Oranges” is a depressing story in which a young woman is seduced into rejecting her Christian upbringing. She is coaxed into embracing junk-science concepts like the “Big Bang” theory and Evolution. […]

  12. scatterbrain says:

    I just had to laugh; asking a grown women if she wants to be an astronaut…