EP Review: The Island

A film by Michael Bay.

Reviewed by Jonathon Sullivan.

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  1. PaulJ says:

    Enjoyed Sullydog’s review of this film (which I haven’t seen) and pleased to hear a concise, reasoned critique of the ‘science’ part of the science fiction. Unfortunately his criticism can be levelled at so many SF films. Hollywood always seems to lag way behind written SF, watering down the science — or dissolving it altogether. (Look what they did to Carl Sagan’s _Contact_.)

  2. I always love a good movie review… and this one was one of the better. I was planning on waiting for this on DVD… and still will.

    I read a story by somebody that was this almost exact plot. People got awards for whichever organ or limb they gave… and got their name on a plaque (I think) if they gave the “ultimate” gift.

    BTW, don’t knock that marilynmonroe.ca PodCast… and don’t tell anybody it’s on my Palm T5, ’cause I don’t have an iPod.