EP009: Jack

By Justin Stanchfield.
Read by Deborah Green.
All stories by Justin Stanchfield
All stories read by Deborah Green.

“That truly is a fine heifer, and any man would be proud to own her.”

“Well…” said Jack, hope rising. “I suppose she might be for sale, if that is your meaning.”

“It is.” The stranger dug inside the pocket of his slick and shiny coat, and brought out a small lead case. The lid clicked open and he turned in over in his hand, three shimmering beads rolling in his palm. He offered them to Jack.

“What are those?” Jack frowned, suspicious once more.

“What are they? They might be beans.” The stranger laughed. “Then again, they might be more precious than rubies, mightn’t they? Truth of the matter, I’m not certain what they are, only that they are beyond any worth you can imagine.”

Rated G. Contains cattle theft, kidnapping, and crimes against fashion.

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  1. mitch says:

    This was by first trip on an Escape Pod – and now I’m hooked! A few comments:
    -THANK YOU for sorting by rating, and telling how the rating was earned. (Oh, that movies were as well labeled…)
    -More G rated SciFi!
    -I personally lean toward the more Sci end of SciFi. (i.e. tell me all about the physics & construction Space Elevator, and oh ya, the plot too.)

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Duncan says:

    This story is wonderful! (avoiding spoilers here…) I love this them of story and have to say that I predicted the ending before getting there (but that is not a bad idea).

  3. Steel says:

    Awesome podcast, but the link keeps crashing. I can only get 13 minutes of the cast down, and its not my connection. 🙁

  4. Stefan Eenkhoorn says:

    I am very sorry to inform you that I switched off this episode after the first 3 minutes of the story. I never had probplems with the quality of the reading of the previous stories (except EP003 3 wish habbit). But it seemed to me that the dear lady was talking from the inside of a phonebooth. I could not listen to it.

  5. Scatterbrained says:

    Nice paradox yarn.