Just a clarification, as I realized it wasn’t mentioned anywhere here:

**Escape Pod** is a weekly podcast. New issues will be released here on Thursdays. Exactly *when* on Thursday may be variable, although hopefully it won’t be just before midnight again.

Between Thursday releases we may put up other content on an irregular basis. It could be simple blog posts like this one, with genre news or book reviews or mentions of other interesting sites; or we may podcast short “flash” fiction pieces, or anything else that amuses us.

So it’s worthwhile to check here often. But if you can’t do that, check here late Thursday or early Friday. Even better, point your RSS newsreader or podcatcher at us and let it all happen automagically.

Any questions?

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  1. al saiz says:

    Hi, the first show was great…you are a terrific reader…there was a great deal of mike noise…the “p” sounds were explosive a small mike filter would help and the mike picked up desk noise when you moved your hands…put an old mouse pad under the mike stand to eliminate most of that…I hope you don’t mind the tips…just wan’t to make sure people keep listening…I’m looking forward to a weekly fix of Escape Pod and will be promoting you as much as I can.

  2. SFEley says:

    Thanks very much, al! (Is that the right attribution for you?)

    I’m aware that there were some sound issues in this week’s premiere, and most of them should be addressed in the next podcast. I do have a pop filter now, for instance. The mouse pad under the mike stand is a great suggestion! I hadn’t thought of that.

    I really appreciate the feedback — it’s vital to know what’s working and what isn’t. I expect that there’ll be ongoing improvement in Escape Pod’s content and sound quality for a long time to come. We’ll also be bringing on more voices in the near future, including female readers, which will do a lot to expand the range of stories we can bring you.

  3. Abby says:

    I’ve just discovered Escape Pod, and I love how these stories are read. You’re better than many of the B-list actors who read audiobooks. And I’m grateful for your free entertainment during my hours at work! You guys rock.

  4. SFEley says:

    Thanks, Abby! We’re having fun with it too, and look forward to bringing you a lot more entertainment in coming months.