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Escape Pod 109: Squonk the Apprentice

Squonk the Apprentice by P. M. Butler “What’s a ‘prentice?” Without thinking, Wendel answered. “An apprentice is young person who wants to be a wizard, so they find an older wizard to teach them.” The moment the words left his mouth, Wendel’s heart stopped and his eyes went wide. If he’d known a spell that […]

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Escape Pod 70: Squonk the Dragon

Squonk the Dragon By Pete Butler Squonk lived with his mother, who was definitely not a dragon–she was a small blue bird named Mrs. Tweedle-Chirp. Now, it is true that birds generally cannot lay dragon eggs, and Mrs. Tweedle-Chirp was no exception. But, they can care for dragon eggs that they happen to find lying […]

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Pete M. Butler

Pete M. Butler is a writer from Pittsburgh. He penned the popular Squonk stories that began on Escape Pod and found their way to PodCastle.

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