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EP271: God of the Lower Level

By: Charles M. Saplak
Read by: Steve Anderson
First appeared in The Urbanite.
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Rated PG: For power struggles and new life creations.

Show Notes:

  • Feedback for Episode 263: Fuel
  • Next week… It’s Christmastime!

God of the Lower Level
By Charles M. Saplak

Hello, Horatio.

Hello, Fredrick. I’ve been waiting.

Of course. How have you been?

Good. And you?

Fine. I’ve finished my other work. It’s now, let’s see…, three twenty-seven a.m. It’s dark outside, of course, which means that there’s no sun, but there is some reflected light from the moon, and some dim light from the stars, and then electric lights in various places. Are any of the terms I’ve just used unfamiliar to you?


Good. I have four hours and thirty-three minutes until shift change. I can spend some time with you. Do you have any questions for me?

Yes, Fredrick, I do. Are you my God?

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