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If you’d like to leave us e-mail, you have your choice of options:

  • General comments on stories, performances, the podcast, your dog, whatever can be sent to Please note that anything sent to that address is considered public and may be read on the podcast. By e-mailing us at that address you’re giving us your consent. So if you want your opinions to remain private, send it to our ‘editor’ address instead.
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  • Ideas for reviews or feedback about reviews can be sent to Before submitting an idea or a sound file, please see our review guidelines.

(NOTE: If you’re using one of those “whitelist” style spamblockers, please make sure you approve any addresses you send e-mail to. Forcing someone to fill out a Web form just to reply to an e-mail is a waste of everyone’s time, and we just won’t do it.)

Our snailmail address, should you wish to send us an old-fashioned letter or donate by check, is:

Escape Artists, Inc.
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