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Escape Pod is the premier science fiction podcast magazine. Every week we bring you short stories from some of today’s best science fiction stories, in convenient audio format for your computer or MP3 player.

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CO-EDITOR: Divya Breed

Divya is a lover of science, math, fiction, and the Oxford comma. She enjoys subverting expectations and breaking stereotypes whenever she can. Her novella ‘Runtime,’ is a Nebula Award finalist, and her short stories have been published at various magazines including Lightspeed, Mothership Zeta, and Tor.com.

She holds degrees in Computational Neuroscience and Signal Processing, and she worked for twenty years as an electrical engineer before becoming an author. You can find out more at www.eff-words.com or on Twitter @divyastweets.

CO-EDITOR: Mur Lafferty

 Mur Lafferty is an author and pioneer podcaster who has been involved with Escape Artists since nearly the beginning (after Serah Eley Fed-Ex’d brownies to her as a bribe to spread the word about this new podcast magazine format). She was one of the founding editors of Pseudopod, editor of Escape Pod for a brief time, and then founder and editor of Mothership Zeta, the quarterly ezine for Escape Artists.

She is currently the co-host (with Matt Wallace) of Ditch Diggers, a Hugo Finalist for Best Fancast, and the author of the science fiction murder mystery Six Wakes, out from Orbit.

HOST: Tina Connolly

Tina’s books include the Ironskin trilogy and the Seriously Wicked series, and her novels have been finalists for the Nebula and the Norton. Her very first Escape Pod appearance was in #209, when “On the Eyeball Floor” was narrated by Norm Sherman.

She is extremely delighted to have had both her stories and her narrations featured on all four Escape Artists podcasts. Find her intermittent, Parsec-winning flash fiction podcast at Toasted Cake (link: toastedcake.com), or find her at tinaconnolly.com.

ASSISTANT EDITOR: Benjamin C. Kinney
Benjamin C. Kinney is an itinerant neuroscientist with a frozen New England heart, though nowadays he lives in St. Louis with two cats and his Martian wife. He no longer creates cyborg monkeys, after too many nights delivering them Prozac. His fiction has appeared in Strange Horizons, PodCastle, Flash Fiction Online, and more. You can find him online at benjaminckinney.com or follow him on twitter @BenCKinney.

He swears this is all true, even the monkeys and the Martians.


Adam Pracht lives in Kansas, but asks that you not hold that against him. He works full-time as the public relations coordinator at McPherson College, where he also received his master’s in higher education administration in spring 2016. He’s excited to get his life back.

He was the 2002 college recipient of the Robert F. Kennedy award for writing about the disadvantaged and has published a disappointingly slim volume of short stories called “Frame Story: Seven Stories of Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Horror & Humor” which is available from Amazon as an e-Book or in paperback. He’s been working on his second volume – “Schrödinger’s Zombie: Seven Weird and Wonderful Tales of the Undead” – since 2012 and successfully finished the first story. He hopes to complete it before he’s cremated and takes up permanent residence in an urn.


Hillary Brannon has the superpower of reading extremely fast and voraciously. No superhero teams would return her calls so she turned her talents to slush reading.

By day (and nights) she is a magistrate for the State of North Carolina; a job that is both more interesting and boring than people think. She lives with her husband, child, and two long suffering cats.


Laura Pearlman is an ordinary human who lives in California with two ordinary felines. Her short fiction has been published in Shimmer, Mothership Zeta, and Daily Science Fiction, among other places. Her LOLcat captions have been published on McSweeney’s.

She has a tragically neglected blog called Unlikely Explanations and can be found on twitter at @laurasbadideas.


S. Kay Nash grew up in the desert, raised by a cabal of professors, artists, anthropologists, and librarians. A copy editor by day, she also writes short fiction and book reviews.

She holds two university degrees as magical wards to protect her from being hauled back into the Ivory Tower. She lives with a mad scientist and a peaceful contingent of cats and dogs.


Erin Roberts is an MFA student and communicator-for-hire who tries to visit at least 10 cities per year but calls Washington, DC home.

Her work has appeared in PodCastle and People of Colo(u)r Destroy Fantasy. You can find her musings on life, the universe, and all things writing at writingwonder.com or on Twitter at @nirele.

ASSOCIATE EDITOR: Peter Adrian Behravesh

Peter Adrian Behravesh is an assistant editor at IDW Publishing, and an MFA candidate at the University of Southern Maine. His work has appeared in the Stonecoast Review Literary Arts Journal, and on the Breathing in the Gate digital mixtape.

You can find his sporadic ramblings at peteradrianbehravesh.com, and on Twitter @pabehravesh.


Jen graduated from Stonecoast with her MFA in Creative Writing and worked as a writer-in-residence at Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts in 2016. She lives in Omaha with her spouse and puppy. When she’s not spending way too much time at overpriced theme parks, she works with local non-profit organizations as a freelance writer, teacher, and actor. She has work forthcoming in F&SF, and her science fiction play, The Woman on the Rock, will be produced at Pacific University later in 2017.

Follow her on twitter @j_r_dawson and her blog at www.jrdawson.org.

ASSOCIATE EDITOR: Santiago Bellucco

Santiago is a Brazilian neurobiologist trained in America who now lives and works in Switzerland, where he writes speculative fiction and performs research on the neurocircuitry of vision.


Miranda Phaal is a proud San Franciscan who promptly moved to Boston to study history at Tufts University because there wasn’t enough old stuff on the West Coast. (She’ll be back.) Due to the bountiful career opportunities in the field of history, she has chosen to pursue a career in publishing. First step: slushing for Escape Pod! She is also on the editorial board of the Tufts Historical Review and spent last summer interning for Borderlands Books.

By day, she is a functional student and human being. By night, she writes her novel.


Hugo and Campbell award finalist Sarah Gailey lives and works in beautiful Oakland, California. Her nonfiction has been published by Mashable and the Boston Globe, and her fiction has been published internationally.

She is a regular contributor for Tor.com and Barnes & Noble. You can find links to her work at www.sarahgailey.com. She tweets @gaileyfrey.