Best News Ever. (This Week)

So, apparently good things can happen to good shows.

This has been a very strong season of Fringe, and it seemed inevitable that this would be its last. I mean, seriously, it’s on Fox, the ratings have been slipping, and it got moved to the friday night death slot.

The one that took out Star Trek — the first one. (The good one*.)

And yet, it got renewed for another full season.

It has even been fairly clear that the writers expected this season to be the show’s last, with the main plot arc hurtling towards its final resolution and the show’s canon being laid bare left and right.

So you know, congratulations and good luck to the writers and producers on slipping out of that one.

I’m not aware of a stronger science fiction show airing in the US right now, and I look very much forward to watching it again in the fall. It surveys the science of the weird week in and week out, but has never lost sight of the characters. Which is the best you can hope for in a US-style series.


*Outrage can be sent to bill at escapeartists dot net, as per usual.

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  1. Siderite says:

    The show premise is ridiculous, as well as the individual episode scripts. I don’t get it how every TV show that I like gets cancelled while stuff like this keeps going.

  2. maryjane says:

    Fringe is more fantasy than sf, true. But the characters have been developed well. I care what happens to them. Not as good as X-Files, but the science on the show is no weirder. Americans are pretty ignorant when it comes to real science vs made up wish fulfillment science.