I hear you folks like free fiction…

Some free fiction coming down from Escape Pod favorites:

Jury Service: By Cory Doctorow and Charlie Stross (audio only) – (from Cory’s blog) Jury Service is the first of two novellas Charlie Stross and I wrote about Huw, a technophobe stuck on Earth after the Singularity (the other one being Appeals Court). They are both being published, along with a third, yet-to-be-written novella Parole Board by Tor Books as Rapture of the Nerds. We’re starting work on Parole Board in January, and to refamiliarize myself with the earlier novellas, I’m going to podcast both now (with the gracious permission of Charlie and our editor, Patrick Nielsen Hayden). Hope you enjoy ’em – they’re as gonzo as I’ve ever gotten, I think!

The Nex: by Tim Pratt (text and ebook) – (from Tim’s blog) Unlike my other serials, this one isn’t an urban fantasy, and doesn’t take place in an existing series (though it does share a setting with a story, as I mentioned). It’s a novel narrated by a precocious 13-year-old who finds herself a long way from home with some disreputable people in a dangerous world. The book has shapeshifters, giant robots, aliens, kleptomaniacal monsters, heroism, shoplifting, terror, lecherous cyborgs, personable tyrants, steampunk submarines, subterranean tunnels, rustic French cuisine, a cult of teenage girls in fairy wings and leotards, teleportation, and people who get punched so hard they disappear. I hope you all like it. [Ed- this is a free online book, so please support the author with a donation or a purchase of the Kindle ebook]

[UPDATE– apologies, WordPress put the Doctorow file into our feed without me realizing, sorry for those of you who downloaded unwanted content. I’ve removed it, now you must right-click to download or go directly to Doctorow’s page.]

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  1. Scooter says:

    You’ve got craphound in my escape pod! This content is certainly a good match, but it really doesn’t make a lot of sense when this just shows up in the feed without any other information.

    • Mur says:

      @Scooter – ack- my bad. Didn’t realize WordPress would automatically do that when you link to an MP3 file. Sorry for your unexpected download, I’ve removed it.

  2. Codeslave says:

    @Mur – Looks like it’s still there.

    Curse you! Now I have to subscribe to Doctorow’s pod cast as well. I only subscribed to Escape Pod a couple months ago and I haven’t gotten through the 5 years of archives yet. Now I’ve got to work through Cory’s too 🙂

    But this does explains where this ambush podcast came from. Maybe that’s an idea for podcast promos – inject a “micro-pod” (a short sample) into your feed to cross promote someone else pod-cast. It’s easy to skip over if it’s not to the listener’s taste, and it doesn’t intrude into the flow of the main podcast.