Escape Pod Flash: The Sincerest Form

By W.G. Hopkins Read by Alasdair Stuart

Bars of light crossed my desk, carved from the sun by the open window. The
scent of hot asphalt rose from the path that led to the capitol buildings.

Beside me, Dr. Singh motioned for the guards to bring in Dr. Norman
Terriault. He looked pale. I motioned for him to sit.

The guards stood on either side. The officer saluted.

I closed the window. A faint buzzing hovered in the air.

“Why me?” Terriault asked.

“You must be familiar with the work of the Imitant Office,” Singh consulted
his tablet, “Dr. Terriault.”

“I’m just like both of you.” Terriault leaned forward, the guards pulled him

“Apparently,” I said.

Rated PG for low intensity inter-species conflict

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  1. Ken_K says:

    I had this one pegged almost immediately. The denouncement I mean. Still it was a decent story.

  2. Yargling says:

    Good story, although alittle predictable 😉

  3. phignewton says:

    and inside bees.. other bees! I’m afraid i must DISAGREE! This is in fact NOT a story, merely a swarm of vague concepts placed so as to maintain the appearance of a middle, beginning and an end… begin fumigation at once!

  4. scatterbrain says:


  5. Jennifer says:

    I couldn’t actually hear the narrator’s voice too clearly even after turning up the volume.

  6. Lexicat says:

    i have to agree: this was telegraphed from the moment the situation became clear. possibly more interesting if the final mimic was so good, that it suicided–it’s mimiced ethics overcoming its actual species motivations.

    i give it a meh+.

  7. Howie Feltersnatch says:

    It’s OK if you want. To have a narrator. Who puts the pauses in. All the wrongplaces and sometimesruns. Words together.

    But if you do that, you really need to make sure he’s got a decent microphone. Or at the very least, ensure that he’s not narrating the story from the interior of a 50-gallon drum with the microphone submerged in a bowl of rice pudding.

  8. carrie says:

    I couldn’t tell if I liked this because I couldn’t hear it. Oh well.

  9. MasterThief says:

    Saw it coming. Made me think back to the Robert Hanssen case, though. The most zealous are always the ones with something to hide.