EP189: The Botox School of Acting

By Liz Shannon Miller.
Read by Dani Cutler (of Truth Seekers).

Guest Host: Jeffrey R. DeRego

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Only the best gain acceptance. Harry cannot be bought. Twice a year,
he attends the fashion shows, looking for an unknown to transform, but
most of the time they come to him — the beautiful, the elegant, the
desperate. They plead with him, their eyes containing all the emotion
their faces cannot show. The beauties who want to be brilliant, who
want to move beyond the limitations of their appearance. Who want to

“Boxtresses”, people call his students, and Harry doesn’t bother to
correct the gender assumption, because his class for actors is still
ostensibly secret. No one wants to believe that action heroes need to
avoid aging. It’s their love interests who need to stay fresh.

Rated PG. Contains profanity and shallow motivations.