EP178: Unlikely

By Will McIntosh.
Read by Stephen Eley.
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Originally published in: Asimov’s, January 2008.
All stories by Will McIntosh.
All stories read by Steve Eley.
Special closing music: “Mandelbrot Set” by Jonathan Coulton.

“The mayor seems to believe there’s something to this,” Tuesday said.

“He’s desperate. Clutching at straws.”

“So why did you agree to meet?” Tuesday asked, her Keds back on the
black and white tile floor.

Samuel paused while the waitress plunked down two glasses, followed by
big metal milk shake tumblers. His strawberry milkshake looked as thick
as cement. Damn, did he love this place.

“Professor Berry said there was an easy way to prove him wrong: meet
with you on and off for a week. If the city’s accident rate didn’t go
down when we were together, and back up when we were apart, he’d return
his consulting fee to the city.” The shake made a satisfying plopping
sound as he poured it into the glass. “His ideas are wacked. ‘Data
mining for non-intuitive connections?’ You can smell the bullshit from
three pastures away.”

Rated PG. Contains profanity. Including in the closing song.