EP168: Family Values

By Sara Genge.
Read by Alasdair Stuart (of Pseudopod).
First appeared in Cosmos, August/September 2007.

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Senator Wu accepted Twing’s seed out of courtesy, although she had no
intention of conceiving his child. Twing of Sails had thrown this
party in his house in her honour, but he wasn’t as free with
kilojoules as he was with genetic material, and Senator Wu wasn’t
prepared to funnel the heat donations of her two crèche mates to bring
another man’s child to the World. She acidified the pores in her
tentacle and waved it around, letting the current carry away the dead
spores. She smiled at Twing and a wave of blue burst from his centre
and radiated towards the thin membranes that rippled on the edge of
his disc-shaped body.

He didn’t look bad, but he wasn’t as comely as Senator Wu. Her body
was an almost perfect sphere, and she was well aware of it. Wherever
she went, she took care to rotate every few minutes, lest gravity pull
on her too long in any one direction and tug her gelatinous figure out
of shape.

Rated PG. Contains alien reproduction, politics, and other sordid topics.

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