EP152: The Big Guy

By Mike Resnick.
Read by Stephen Eley.
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First appeared in Jim Baen’s Universe, June 2007.
All stories by Mike Resnick.
All stories read by Stephen Eley.

“Okay,” said Fishbait. He tossed a ball to the Big Guy.
“Let’s try a little one-on-one. Ralph, let’s see what you can do
against Jacko here.”

The Big Guy took a look at me, his face totally
expressionless. I moved forward to lean on him a little, just
enough to make contact and see which way he was going to move
when he began his drive to the basket, but before I got close enough
to touch him he’d already raced by me and stuffed the ball through
the hoop.

“Again,” said Fishbait.

Rated R. Contains strong language and testosterone.

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