EP140: Astromonkeys!

By Tony Frazier.
Read by Norm Sherman (of The Drabblecast).
First appeared in Jim Baen’s Universe, June 2006.

“All right, so I’m chasing these things down the
street, and there’s more showing up all the time, so
now there’s like ten of them. I have no idea how I’m
supposed to wrangle all these space monkeys, and right
about then is when this dude comes swooping down out
of the sky, wearing this blue costume with a big
yellow star on his chest.”

“Another hero,” Jill says.

“Guy named Astro,” I say. “I’d run into him a
few times before, back when GoDS 1.0 was still
together. He would be fighting this monster – that was
his thing, fighting these random space monsters – and
we’d show up to help out. I thought he was okay, but
the other guys didn’t like him much.”

“Why not?” Jill asks.

“Well, he was kind of a dork. No offense,” I
say, turning to Dave. Dave waves it off.

Rated PG. Contains some profanity, some scatology, and a lot of silly superhero violence.

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